Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunny Sunday

After a hard night we woke to a full sun.. Even the shade's couldn't keep the bright out.. Maya is still fighting the bug.. what it is I have not a clue.. she was semi-functional most of the day and ate but like clock work the fever would spike about every 6 hours.. last night I was having a nightmare that she was having a fever seizure.. when I went into her room she was burning up and said she needed water. I brought her to our bed thinking I could watch her. I tried the cold rag on her forehead I gave her another dose of ibuprofen.. It was almost 3am before her cheeks felt cool to the touch..
She woke up this morning in good spirits excited about grandma coming for a visit.. she found a recipe for fruit smoothies in her kids cookbook (a fave from Auntie Katherine) and decided she had to make fruit smoothies with grandma.. So I have to go get some fresh strawberries..missed the farmer's market yesterday..
Planning nothing again for today since we need to be home so Maya can rest..Forced relaxation is great.. we napped yesterday.. I worked on a quilt while Maya cut paper and worked on a little scrapbook.. we took Jake for a walk in the field as the sunset.. what more could we ask for?.. it was a calm and peaceful day..
Today will be filled with more giggles..Maya and grandma Lola are partners in crime..
Sending Sunshine to all..

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