Thursday, March 12, 2009


I just added a player to my page.. Hope you like it.. I put a little of everything..Iz makes me melt.. I just tear up at how lovely he sings that song.. Bocelli is on my top 10 and he too makes me soar and melt all at the same time... The emotion in Alicia Keyes voice is only matched by the emotion that Missy sings that song with.. She croons.. Leona Lewis is a new fave and my grasshopper and I discovered a common interest in her voice..I was pleasantly surprised to find our wedding song on the play list choices.. Voices of Theory was a little guy group and they even sang it in Spanish.. In honor of 10 years married this year I had to post that.... I can replay those songs over and over.and now my blog will..hee hee. Last but not least, a new favorite thanks to my dear sweet Julie, is Martina's McBride's "Blessed".. we are blessed and that song says it all... I am grateful..Enjoy the tunes!


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