Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let the games begin.. Soccer Games!

Yes, we love soccer at our house.. This year the Dad's took to coaching and I get to take pictures and jump up and down like a crazy woman.. Yipee!
We have a great team and they are gelling.. Our team is made up of some familiar faces who we have seen on the field in the past and some new friends..

We are the Bubblegum Blasters.. Our cool banner was made by one of our moms.. Isn't it great? I think we should win for best use of the soccer ball..Just saying..

Martin and Steve are strategizing like no other coaches I have seen. They are calculating every rotation and even spreadsheets of the line up card are being managed..The U8 division is a whole new level of crazy. The intensity is giving us ulcers.. those girls are trying to figure out their defense from the offense..So far so good!

Even those who have never played before are getting in the game..

The girls have to manuver around more opponents and earn every goal.. Look at these girls getting in there..

It's a big field and they have to RUN!

These girls were having a good game..look at those smiles..

Their faces are priceless... Intense..

High Fives all around.. a great game!

Looking forward to another fun season!
GO Bubblegum Blasters!
Team Mom (1 of 2),

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A big birthday for my little brother...

It's hard to believe that September snuck up on us again.. A few Sunday's ago we loaded up the car with goodies and headed to Mom's house.. We celebrated Arthur's birthday with a BBQ and two cakes!.. The family came and the friends gathered as we celebrated another year.

That is 29 Years for Arthur!

Here are some of the fun shots.. Arthur with the kids and the Gonzalez's

Arthur and his good friends..making more memories..

Arthur and mom share a smile....

Arthur and his favorite auntie Rosemary who drove down from LA.

Even his other family, the Willinghams, came by with a birthday cobbler fresh out of the oven..

Best Wishes for a great year to come little brother.

Big Hugs and Lots of Love,

Soaring Spirit!

Maya received the Soaring Spirit award for Empathy..
The School Motto is H.E.A.R.T..
Which stands for Harmony, Empathy, Achievement, Reflection and Transformation..

Her teacher, Mrs. Silva stated that she was very kind to her classmates.. It was such a treat, even in the crazy heat, to watch Missy receive her award.. She was so surprised...
Way to Go!
Proud Mom and Dad..