Sunday, February 20, 2011

Made with Love...

In honor of Valentines I thought I would share about all of the things that I enjoy doing which to me require love... For me, no project meal or gift means much if it is not given, made or thought of with a loving intention.. Its' one of the reasons I dont like gift cards.. I want the gift to speak to me of the person and often I won't stop searching until something calls me.. In the case of food.. I think of the person and what they like..
In my hubbies case it means HOT and Spicy food.. So this week it was not one but two hot salsas.. which could then be on hand for tonights pork chop dinner..
For Missy, its a little headband or hair clip to accessorize for Valentines..
Even Maya has learned that homemade goodies trump store bought candies.. For her Valentines exchange she wanted Caramel and chocolate covered pretzels.
Mind you she was clear on the color scheme and insisted that pink was only for girls and that we had to get red for the boys....Maya loves to decorate with melted chocolate.. For her teacher it was Caramel Apples.. what else?

Just like food, fabric can be addictive.. Quilting, my form of therapy, is another outlet for my energy and love.. This month my challenge was 2 quilts.. One for Sophia's 5th birthday and another for the baby on the way... Well after much searching and hair pulling. I found fabric lines that fit.. For Baby boy it was Max and Whiskers because what boy doesn't love cats, dogs, fish and turtles?. I hope this quilt will grow with him...
For Sophia it was a perfect match with Freebird by Momo.. The palate is girly without being sickenly sweet. The line spoke to me when we were in Washington as a girls line..It has some strong reds and some bright pops of orange.. Not to mention some fabulous butterflies and polka dots..

Now and always its about LOVE!

Cards, Cupcakes and Community Service..

This month the troop decided to earn a "community service" patch... We baked some home made goodies and had the girls decorate some valentines.. Next thing you know they are at the local retirement home meeting new friends and handing out sugar-laden goodies and colorful valentines...

Community service is on the top of my list for reasons to be a girl scout.. Don't get me wrong, I love the cookies and some of the other activities but community service and learning to be of service is more important to me than having more friends.. So I was very supportive of this outing.. At the end of the day it was our first attempt at service and it was a success.. I hope we can become regulars there and that the girls can build relationships with the seniors they met..
Here's Maya sharing her cupcakes..
Making friends..
I don't think the girls were prepared for the seniors but once they shook a few hands and saw those welcoming smiles they were at home... It was a great learning opportunity for the girls and an opportunity to talk about aging...

Good Job Troop 462!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Monday morning as she ate breakfast Missy decided to take matters into her own hands.. literally.. I guess she was tired of figeting with that second wiggly tooth.. Without warning I heard.. "Mom, My tooth!" and then there was blood and oh no here we go..
We run to the bathroom so she can rinse her mouth and of course she is going crazy because she sees bright red blood..
After all the madness she tells me that Grace had given her the great idea to pull it out on her own.. I couldn't help but giggle.. She started giggling and now I am cracking up because she has a gummy smile now.

One tooth a week.. she is on a roll..