Monday, May 7, 2012

May Day!

This is a new tradition borrowed from one of our favorite people- JULIE!.. It was a lovely May day.. Maya took a little bouquet to her sweet teacher. 

In the evening we delivered some sweets and yellow daffodils to a few neighors..

Happy May Day!

Soccer time!

Here we are again.. Spring 2012 and the team got off to a great start.. Martin and Megan are back as coaches.  They were thrilled to see some faces from last fall and a happy to get a few new friends.  The Avalanche is an exciting group of giggling girls.. 
Have a great season!

The egg hunt..

Maya had a mini egg hunt out front after coming home from auntie Deanna's house.  It was just a few of us at home.. some food and a little basket..
This picture was so sweet.. I see a little bit of me at that age..

It was a good day.. Thanks be to God..

A blast from the past...

This April we got to celerate Rusty's 40th.. We had a blast catching up with the Pato's. You know you are friends when no matter how much time has passed you can just talk as if you saw each other last week.. Rusty and Kelle started out with us at RCIA and 13 years later here we still are..
Friends then and now..
Happy 40th Rust-O-Rama!

Spring Break!

This year we were lucky enough to visit the Malone's in Tennesse for spring break.. They were kind enough to take us into their home and their cabin.. We got to see the Smokey Mountains, Dollywood and Nashville.. 
We had a nice time relaxing on the lake..
Maya spent a lot of time with Izzie.

We visited Andrew Jackson's plantation home for a little history. We walked the entire grounds..
The week flew by.  We can't wait to visit the south again.. We enjoyed everything from the relaxed pace, the kindness everywhere we went (they call you mam!) to Crackel Barrel for breakfast.. Next time we have to try the pancakes in Seiverville.   A big Thank you to the Malone's!
We had a blast! The Galvans..