Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a week

We had a really full week and boy did it fly by.. It was a good week filled with family, friends, food and memories..What more could we ask for?
The week started with errands, shopping, a trip to the spa, more shopping and then 2 days of cooking and baking.. Missy and I spent many hours in the kitchen and washed a gazillion dishes.. It amazes me how well she knows her way around the kitchen at six..Our final products were 2 apple pies, 1 cheesecake, 4 pumpkin pies, 2 batches of peanut butter cookies, 2 batches of white tea cookies, a veggie strata in cheese sauce and a large casserole of potatoes au gratin..
Mona hosted Thanksgiving dinner at her house. I love that we ate outside on beautiful tables with real dishes.. We didnt have to eat in shifts or throughout the house. In California we have the luxury of 75 degree weather in late November. The weather cooperated long enough for the feast and dipped the next day just in time for the mad dash to the stores for black Friday.
A little collage of the sights of our Thanksgiving..

The girls, Ally and Irma, came down with my Aunt Lidia and her yummy milk jello. Thankfully Adrian came to help keep Maya giggling..My Aunt Chelo came and brought flan and arroz con leche (rice pudding).. Monica made some amazing green beans with seasame seeds and stuffing.. Mona's ham and my mom's turkey were amazing. Abel and Martin roasted corn on the grill.. We ate and talked into the night..

Have a blessed day,

It's a sickness I tell you...

Fabric has this power over me. For my fellow quilters, I know they get it. As someone who is dipping my toe into real sewing, its even more dangerous.. Whereas before I would see a quilt or a hanging now I see aprons, bags and clothes.. Its dangerous. It's expensive.. Today as I was roaming around the blogosphere I ran across some cute sewing sites. As I admired their done projects.. I clicked around and landed here:
The site has a cute blog but what grabbed my eye was the bright ad for 40% off total order.. Are you kidding me? I mean I have seen 25% off and I have even seen the clear out sales for Christmas fabrics but 40% off on new stuff..NEVER!
I thought well, its old fabric, they have nothing I want or nothing I even know about. I was wrong.. I found several lines that I have dreamt about and more that I know I must have in my stash for upcoming projects.. I almost called Deanna to wake her up when I saw her line "Authentic" on the front page.. I know she will whip up some cute outfit or cover a chair in that amazing fabric..
I have to wait and let it sink in. I am off to workout and figure out in my head how much fabric I can buy before I will notice it on the credit bill.. I have NEVER purchased fabric online. It wasn't in me to buy online. I figured if I restrained myself to what I had to physically find and purchase I would surely keep within my budget. My budget is very worried..Wish us luck.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kindergarten Hoedown

It was a fun morning at LES.. The kindergarten teachers wrapped up the farm unit with an old fashioned "hoedown." Missy was ready with her western wear and her own touch of flair.. She was a little lady in her dress and a cowgirl in her Red boots!
The rotated from square dancing to making butter.. Can't wait to see what unit is next..

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Dressing up

Last Sunday Maya cashed in the last of her gifts.. Yes, I know, more presents..How blessed can one little girl be? Well blessed she is..She was gifted with Lion King tickets by grandma.. Yipee for grandmas!
Well it meant mom needed to show her the proper play ettiquette.. I mean besides the fabulous play to be seen, you want to dress for the occasion. What better excuse to splurge on a real dress than a play.. I had scored a great deal on a lovely knit dress at Janie and Jack.. Have you seen that store? Danger Will Rogers.. Danger to the wallet.. However, frugal fiend that I am.. I had gone shopping on my anniversary and dared to peek in that lovely store front. Of course, I had to see what was moving from the main stage to the sale rack.. In that store sale is still thought provoking.. Well this dress had Maya written all over it. First of all it was PINK.. and BROWN.. Yes, those of us who were made in the 70's and kids of the 80's love retro Baskin Robbins colors.. This dress however made me melt when I saw the matching beret.. I mean really why can't us 30 somethings wear a beret without it looking like a cheap B movie? C'est la vie..

She was an image.. What you can't see is her heels! (We must fire that photographer!) At 6 she wore her first set of peep toe pumps.. Yes, I too was shocked to find a brown suede, ruffle over the peep toe pump.. For a 6 year old.. Who knew? Well one look at them and she thought she would walk to the moon in them..

The best thing was watching her trying to walk in these little heels.. Adorable.. I could still see my little girl..
The play was amazing. There are no words for the loveliness of the animals..Their interpretation of the "Circle of Life" was inspiring.. Maya was staring and singing along to the whole show.. I hope those memories stay with her..

Thanks for the memories grandma! (from Maya)

Look who's back!

My hubby!

No, he didn't really go anywhere.. he was hiding..under hair..
After several sessions of cajoling and some hints from both Missy and Moi.. MAG decided it was time.. Mind you, when I say time, I am using that word in the most liberal of ways.. Many moons and day light savings happened before he gave up that hair. I think by the end he was really just out to proove his point and torture us for a little longer. That is why he is smiling.. he knows we know..
.I'd better schedule that family picture before the "Mountain Man" decides to return.
Just kidding honey...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Homemade pie...

Missy and I woke up on a baking mission. I had been wanting to use my new pie plate ever since I first laid eyes on it.. It was a gift from mom.... This is not just any plate. Its Red! The edges are ruffled.. Love it..I couldn't find my regular recipe so I improvised one based on a few other recipes I found.. Martin only likes crust, so Pate Brise from Martha was a must.. I like a tart apple and not too sweet of a filling so I borrowed from Ina Garten's apple pie recipe and added orange juice and extra lemon juice.. the result..well yummy and pretty...

Missy on the other hand was all about the flour.. at one point I wondered if there would be any left.. she was happy to spread it all over the counter..But baking is always fun with her as my sous chef.. Now that she can vaccum and sweep on her own. its even better, less clean up for me..

Let me know when you want to come over for some pie..
It will be waiting..

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Christmas Projects

Yes, I know the shock of Halloween having passed is still fresh.. However, its already November.. The air is crisper.. My mind starts to think of baking and tamales..It's almost Christmas time.. The holidays are trurly my favorite time of the year..
What is not to like? I mean , for us, having a "forced" two week vacation is amazing.. We get to lounge, sleep in, take day trips or longer without worrying about work..
This year we got a good start on the Christmas shopping but more importantly the projects are under way.. I tend to have a handle on the Christmas list as I do not like to see a mall in Decemeber unless its for the decor..We are over 80% done with the store bought Christmas gifts, now we can focus on the creating memories and those projects!
Yes, there are always more projects than time.. Well this year is no different. I had one big project that I HAD to get done. Having a deadline like Julie's Nov 5th deadline for quilting or the fact that the item is a CHRISTMAS gift really lights a fire under me.. Its been a long time coming and my fingers are raw and my joints are sore from all the stitching but the "It's a Wonderful Life" quilt has been submitted.. I worked and pieced and adjusted the appliques.. Its Done!! Julie will quilt it and when I get it back I will bind it.. I can only hope they like it as much as Martin does.. He couldnt believe it was not a keeper..
It's a Wonderful Life Quilt
Happy Saturday!
It's time to bake an apple pie...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The many faces of Maya....Halloween edition

Maya, like her mama, loves all things Halloween! Finally! someone who get's it..

For Storybook character day at school she decided to be Mulan.. Thank you to auntie Katherine for the authentic Chinese clothes.. They fit perfect and she was easily confused for Mulan.. There must be some Asian in these Mexican genes because look at my kidlet.. I promise she came from my loins..

Then for Halloween it was Ashoka from Clone Wars.. Its all about the Clone Wars mom! Its the light saber.. I am the side kick, I have speed and did I mention a Light saber?

Maya as Ashoka, Grace as a Strom Clone Trooper and Maria as a Butterfly..

We had a few other Star Wars heros join us for Halloween..

Mateo made a fabulous Luke

His father, Darth Vader, was hissing in the background..

One of the cutest kids however, was Miss Lily, as a Ladybug.. How happy is she to have a full bucket.. Don't you just want to squeeze her?