Monday, August 30, 2010

Silly Science...

Missy and her friends, Presley and Hannah, decided it was a good day for brewing up some kid concoctions..

They combined chaulk and baking soda along with some vinegar for a stinky colored fizz on the sidewalk..They loved the bubbly reaction..
They cut all the rose petals from the garden to make some dough. Because all girls want rose petaled dough..

While they waited for the dough to set they spent time crafting the perfect pizza from playdoh..
Shredded cheese anyone?
They were proud of their masterpiece..

Happy Summer!

My mentor...

Besides my mom there has only been one other person in my life who has believed in me so unconditionally, Mrs. Robinson.
She started out as my high school English teacher.. Later she became my guidence counselor and an ear for all my fears about school.. She always pushed me to challenge myself as a student.. She told me that I was college material.. She made me (and the rest of her students) read and understand Shakespeare. To this day, I remember more about the work I did in high school than I do college..
All these years later, I am proud to count her as my friend and mentor..
Big Hugs,

First grader..

Missy started at her new school and although there were some tears..she was happy to start off the new year in Mrs. Silva's class..

Thankfully, Mrs. Silva started off with some fun and games..Nothing like an education disguised as fun..

Looking forward to a fun filled year..

A night out..

It's not often that we get a night out.. And even more rare is the chance to dance.. Well this Saturday night we were invited to Mr. Willingham's party. It was a chance to celebrate a wonderful man and Arthur's surrogate family...
The Willingham family makes for a picture perfect group..
Arthur and Andre are forever friends..

Speaking of perfect.. Andre and Diana, nuff said..
Oh yes, I mentioned dancing..Maya convinced daddy to join her for some salsa dancing..Yes, I know, she is only 6.. Don't remind me... Did you think I would be the one out there?

Afterall, who would get to capture all this fun?



We finally decided to make the trek over to Legoland and see what the fuss was about. Well Maya was in for a treat.. Unknown to us it was Star Wars weekend. Had Maya known she would have asked to dress as Ashoka her favorite Clone Wars character but alas she would have to settle for being a watcher..
The park had a line to the parking lot well before the 10am open.. The weather was good and we made the best of the park.. Stopping in front of this giant Lego man from Harry Potter..

With most of the kids in line to see characters or for the special edition Lego brick we managed to ride some rides without long lines.. Who knew we werent scared of heights?

I still can't believe how many little Legos make up the park displays.. Those smart engineering types are drooling at the sight of everything from minature cities to animals made completely out of legos.. Check out the giraffes.. Hard to believe.. all made from legos...

Amusement parks in the summer.. It was a good day!

Lily turns 5!

Little Miss Lily is officially 5. One of the few kids not born in the fall, Lily is our summer girl. She has the cool scratchy voice of a future voiceover persona and the brain of a little Einstein.. I mean the girl taught herself to count at 3...

Her party was a fun sunny day filled with some sweet girls and some perfectly pink cupcakes.. Maya was determined to contribute to Lily's celebration and pink cupcakes were her choice.. She did all the pouring and mixing.. She wasn't about to let Lily's birthday pass her by.. after all Lily and Maya are like sisters..

Speaking of sisters.. Gracie gave Lily a bear hug on her special day...

Look at Lily digging in to one of those yummy little treats..

Opening presents and hitting the pinata made for a wonderful afternoon...

Happy Birthday Lily!
Big Hugs,
Auntie Alex