Monday, August 30, 2010


We finally decided to make the trek over to Legoland and see what the fuss was about. Well Maya was in for a treat.. Unknown to us it was Star Wars weekend. Had Maya known she would have asked to dress as Ashoka her favorite Clone Wars character but alas she would have to settle for being a watcher..
The park had a line to the parking lot well before the 10am open.. The weather was good and we made the best of the park.. Stopping in front of this giant Lego man from Harry Potter..

With most of the kids in line to see characters or for the special edition Lego brick we managed to ride some rides without long lines.. Who knew we werent scared of heights?

I still can't believe how many little Legos make up the park displays.. Those smart engineering types are drooling at the sight of everything from minature cities to animals made completely out of legos.. Check out the giraffes.. Hard to believe.. all made from legos...

Amusement parks in the summer.. It was a good day!

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