Monday, August 30, 2010

Lily turns 5!

Little Miss Lily is officially 5. One of the few kids not born in the fall, Lily is our summer girl. She has the cool scratchy voice of a future voiceover persona and the brain of a little Einstein.. I mean the girl taught herself to count at 3...

Her party was a fun sunny day filled with some sweet girls and some perfectly pink cupcakes.. Maya was determined to contribute to Lily's celebration and pink cupcakes were her choice.. She did all the pouring and mixing.. She wasn't about to let Lily's birthday pass her by.. after all Lily and Maya are like sisters..

Speaking of sisters.. Gracie gave Lily a bear hug on her special day...

Look at Lily digging in to one of those yummy little treats..

Opening presents and hitting the pinata made for a wonderful afternoon...

Happy Birthday Lily!
Big Hugs,
Auntie Alex

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