Saturday, February 28, 2009

A long morning already

It's not even 8:30 am yet and already its been a doozie.. Last night while I was working on my gratitude post the Missy started sobbing. I figured she wanted to come to mom's bed.. Boy was I wrong.. she was shaking uncontrolably. She said her teeth hurt and that she couldn't stop shaking.. she was burning up.. Time for Mom mode.. Find the thermometer, motrin and water.. 102 sure enough.. sounds like the flu is making its second visit to the Ranch this year (yes, its still technically Feb!)

She slept in our bed with us hoverin over her touching her forehead.. By midnight her forehead was cool to the touch and her shivering seemed to have subsided.. I was awake just about every hour.. by 6 we all were.. No point in lingering on a Saturday morning.. that would be too easy.. The fever has returned and she took the last drops from the bottle of ibuprofen.. No need to make a list, will have to take a trek out for supplies..

In the meantime, Saturday is always clean up day.. I put clothes in the laundry, stripped the beds, found every random article of clothes around the house and started the routine.. Trashes have been corraled, toilets are blue with cleaner and the upside down and inside out cleaning has begun.. Lots of lysol will be sprayed today.. Must kill that flu bug.. must disinfect the house before more of us are taken down..

Missy asked for toast, I am hoping that is a good sign.. She is wrapped up in her Saturday special shows.. just long enough for mom to get a cup of coffee, reheated coffee today no less. I cleaned up my yet to be published posts and started this one.. Hope your Saturday is less eventful..

I am off to Target (my favorite retail spot) to get some supplies and try to stick to the small list.. Wish me luck..

Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday night gratitude

I don't watch movies often.. I can't sit still that long.. I must do something or it just doesn't work.. The compadres (Godparents in Spanish) came over and we watched Body of Lies.. This would never be something I'd pick..According to Matt it was a good story line and intellectual. I was slightly flattered.. No, it wasnt a chick flick.. Similar to how I feel that books come to me for a reason, tonight the movie was in synch with the general flow of the week..

This week has been filled with images.. The ban on coffin pictures was lifted.. Seeing those flags drapped over coffins feels like a punch in the gut.. Oprah even featured stories of wounded soldiers at a medical center for the military.. I was temproraily immersed in their stories and felt unbelieveably useless. I guess it goes to show that every once in awhile I need to be reminded about how small and insignificant we really are.. so while I wouldn't have chosen that movie, I am glad I saw it.

The images of war are things that I most often chose not to let in my brain.. I am so aware of what images can do to us, how they haunt us and how our conscious will try to make sense of them no matter what... So on the rare occasion when I am exposed to something that powerful..I have to brace myself.. I cry and often pray.. I have to think about all those troops out there.. I have to acknowledge how scary it is to know that war is raging while we sit so comfortably in our home..

I am glad that for those two or minus a few kid interruptions.. I could think about the real people fighting for us..the complexities of the war which are beyond comprehension and yet as simple and basic as the human need to love and to be validated.. To all those soliders who are really scared I say thank you for your courage.. I know my fear is minimal... I am thankful to have been born in the US. I am thanfkul to have the opportunities and freedoms that we too often take for granted. I am so amazingly blessed to be able to worry about the small things in my life while someone stands on a wall on a cold night protecting my freedom. God bless all the troops for they are the backbone of this country. May we never forget that freedom is not free.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My so called Blog

Remember that show.."My So called Life".. well here is my attempt at a Blog about my life.. Sadly you are stuck with me and not some young high school coed searching for the meaning in her life.. It's just me.. a normal girl.. I wear many hats, have several names and lots of bad habits.. who doesn't?

I am somewhat new to blogging as most of my thoughts have either been emails, journal entries on the now defunct Maya's Mom website or just more things cluttering my brain.. And cluttered it is.. But I figue what the heck. It's not like this is for a grade. .its for chatter. for company for inspiration and memories..

I resisted as long as I could.. I lurked on other blogs and thought how liberating it would be to put my random thoughts out there.. to share with my friends and family.. I take so many pictures of our life I thought a blog would be a great way to display those pictures which may never find there way into a scrapbook....I talked to myself as all sane people do. I logged on and started typing...Bare with me as I set up the site..I want to find some good music and avoid grammer or spell check..

The "hive" well its how I feel about my life..its all a whirly turly flurry of things to do, people to connect with and the hum of a constant activity..My home is my hive, it's the center of an entire world for a bee..and while I am probably as round as a bee.. I don't fly.. but I have been told I am as entirely too busy..My hive happens to be out past the airport, cows and windmill..on a little street that sounds like it belongs in a Hampshire country side in a development named for one of the great impressionist.. Come on in.. have a cup of coffee.. I hope to share some memories and write some ideas that will make you laugh with me, and possibly at me.. The Hive is where I think, sleep, nurture my family, cook, bake sweets, craft, make quilts and work... its my craziness all in one..

Beeba. well that happens to be one of the many names I respond to. I will have to talk about my multiple names in some other posts. Like the many hats we wear in life I happen to also have many names.. and it has nothing to do with choosing this for myself.. Its just my life.. it comes with the craziness.