Saturday, February 28, 2009

A long morning already

It's not even 8:30 am yet and already its been a doozie.. Last night while I was working on my gratitude post the Missy started sobbing. I figured she wanted to come to mom's bed.. Boy was I wrong.. she was shaking uncontrolably. She said her teeth hurt and that she couldn't stop shaking.. she was burning up.. Time for Mom mode.. Find the thermometer, motrin and water.. 102 sure enough.. sounds like the flu is making its second visit to the Ranch this year (yes, its still technically Feb!)

She slept in our bed with us hoverin over her touching her forehead.. By midnight her forehead was cool to the touch and her shivering seemed to have subsided.. I was awake just about every hour.. by 6 we all were.. No point in lingering on a Saturday morning.. that would be too easy.. The fever has returned and she took the last drops from the bottle of ibuprofen.. No need to make a list, will have to take a trek out for supplies..

In the meantime, Saturday is always clean up day.. I put clothes in the laundry, stripped the beds, found every random article of clothes around the house and started the routine.. Trashes have been corraled, toilets are blue with cleaner and the upside down and inside out cleaning has begun.. Lots of lysol will be sprayed today.. Must kill that flu bug.. must disinfect the house before more of us are taken down..

Missy asked for toast, I am hoping that is a good sign.. She is wrapped up in her Saturday special shows.. just long enough for mom to get a cup of coffee, reheated coffee today no less. I cleaned up my yet to be published posts and started this one.. Hope your Saturday is less eventful..

I am off to Target (my favorite retail spot) to get some supplies and try to stick to the small list.. Wish me luck..

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