Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Father's day!

Maya is all about her daddy.

This year her class hosted Donuts with Dad at her school..

She made him a pet ladybug in her favorite colors, hot pink, black and white.. She also wrote a super cute story about her dad where she commented about how nice he is and that he is as cool as a soccer player..

She's a lucky girl...

Life is good!

A friendly game of soccer

The Red Hot Chili Peppers continued their good play and winning ways..

The girls gelled and the coaches decided a Mom vs team game was in order..

The girls had a blast showing us their moves, keeping the ball away from us and oh yeah, scoring on the moms!

It was a great chance to walk/run in their shoes.. I think all the moms have a new appreciation for what it takes for these little girls to play soccer..

Soccer Rocks!

May flew by...

May is the most overwhelming month in our family. Not only do we celebrate moms but half the family is a Taurus! Birthdays in May include, Martin, Beverly, Ramon, Mom, Monica, Deanna and Carl! Somehow the month came and kept us smiling...

Mother's day celebrations started at school courtesy of Mrs. Silva's 1st grade class...

An inpromptu BBQ for Ramon's birthday led to a big group picture of lots of Galvans! Grandpa was happy to see most of his grandkids.. They are growing so fast.. Brittney and Nathan are high schoolers..Bev and Kenya are both home.. Maya is just thrilled to see her cousins Leah and Sophia since they are all partner's in crime and all things girl..
May Birthday's are always combined with Mother's day for all the ladies in the family.. Mom celebrated with her annual carrot cake and favorite cream cheese frosting.. Maya is there to help with the candles, just in case..
Auntie Monica always hosts a feast for Mother's day.. After all her hard work she is still smiling...
We survived May!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wedding Bells are ringing!

Luis and Hallie got married in May..

The ceremony was sweet and the reception was fun...The whole family dressed up.
Danielle was particularly lovely as a flower girl...Jessica and Richard are still glowing from their wedding..

The boys all looked great in their suits...

The ladies were out in dresses, heels and color!

Congrats to the newlyweds!

Another candle!

Martin turned 38 this May...

Since Martin is not one for parties we kept the celebration small..

I couldn't let his birthday pass without a little cake and a visit from his dad..

Happy Birthday Honey!

Easter 2011

This year the Easter bunny left a trail of eggs for Maya and our family gathered for a small egg hunt in the yard. We had just enough energy to enjoy the day and be grateful for our blessings.. Maya painted some eggs with uncle Arthur and Andre..

Maya decided she would take matters into her own hands and hide the eggs for the big kids..

The big kids were more than happy to humor little Miss Maya...

All the girls stood up for a group shot.. We have lots of girls in the family!

Spring is in the air..


We have a big family.. At my uncle Lencho's service we tried to get a group shot..

We didnt get everyone in these but it was a good turnout...

Here are some good ones...

And some silly ones..What a family!

Celebrating Family!

Denny and Stefanie are proud parents to Evan and our whole circle couldn't be happier for them.. The smiles on their faces are proof that parenthood suits them..

Stefanie and Evan playing chalk...

Denny has decided that Evan can suck his thumb and be carried until he is 15! Because nothing attracts attention like a cute kid..

Cheers to Denny, Stef and Evan!

A boy!

I can't believe I am barely getting around to blogging about events from March.. Time to catch up.. Time to balance the bad memories with the happy events..

Sharon and Arthur had a boy! Baby Demitrius is already home and growing.. He is so cute that his big sister Sophia is glued to him..

Blessings to the whole family!