Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wrapping up 2011...

This year was full of changes for us.. Some were unexpected and sad while others were welcome and exciting.....I don't want to make this a depressing post so I will try to focus on the fun stuff that rounded out the year and reminded us how much we really have to be thankful for..
This fall brought a new school for Maya.. After some initial transition anxiety we came out on the other side a bit smarter! Maya is learning French, music, drama and other classical subjects at her school.. She has decided that history is her favorite subject. She loves the uniforms and especially her WONDERFUL and DEDICATED teacher.. Martin took on head coaching and his heart expanded as he watched the girls on his team learn to love soccer.. His 8-2 record wasn't too bad either.. His dedication, spreadsheets and hours really showed.. I was lucky enough to be offered a new opportunity within my same company. I was not only flattered but fortunate to be picked up by one of the up and coming business units.. We have a lot of work to do but in these tough times, I am beyond grateful for a new role.
We spent lots of time with extended family and long time friends.. My uncle Miguel helped us video Maya's games and was a frequent cheerleader with my mom at those early Saturday games. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson also came out to watch the games and hosted several fun poker nights..

The Bell family has become our family in a thousand more ways.. Maya and the girls are so close it warms my heart. It's hard to believe we live 40 mins away.. We are always together and the girls can't get enough of their play time. Martin is now a huge fan of Vietnamese Pho. Carl's gopher count was amazing. Deanna's patience and dedication to all things care taking continue to amaze me.. We had some fun summer days, fabulous dinners and wrapped up NYE 2010 with a feisty Lily crying about the difficulties of being the little sister. Looking forward to many more memories..

My quilting pals put up with me all year and Julie hosted a fabulous Christmas party for us which took my breath away.. Karen gifted me an amazing snowman which will be treasured for years to come.. That class is my version of therapy and I look forward to many more years..

Our neighbors are still awesome and watching the kids grow and play has reaffirmed the fact that this is a great place to live.. It's HOME! We love our neighbors generosity and thoughtfulness. Whether I need the proverbial cup of sugar or a dip in the pool in the summer, our neighbors are there for us..

My little brother keeps growing and I am amazed at his dedication to helping children in need. He is still a crazy basketball fan and a life long student which is great...He is a fun uncle to Missy which is so neat to see.. He is a friend to many and a unique soul..Wishing Arthur a productive 2012!
My mom is a busy bee and is always on the go.. Whether she is up here visiting us, watching a soccer game, babysiting or driving north to visit Arthur. She is constantly sending me pictures or texting me to keep in touch.. Not a day goes by that I don't know that mom is sending me good vibes... Wishing her some rest in 2012. The rest of family was also a source of strength.. As a result of the loss of my aunt and uncle we really spent the year reconnecting . Its hard to admit that it would take the mourning process to bring us closer but thankfully it did.. We spent more time with all the Martinez brothers, my aunt Chelo spent more time here and brought her grown kids around.. We made more phone calls to cousins, we sent more cards out for the holidays, we had bigger tables to set for the holidays.. I only hope that in 2012 we continue the new family get togethers and don't need another funeral to remember our extended family...
In our little world Maya discovered dolls, lost several teeth and continued to lighten up our life.. It's hard to believe she is 8 yrs old. She is still our little cuddle bug, she loves to color, imitate animals and ride her scooter as fast as she can.. She is super girly and pink and glitter are always at the top of her list..
Christmas was full of cookies and presents but the best gift was just the 3 of us enjoying our family time...

Wishing everyone a fabulous 2012..