Monday, July 19, 2010

Over the river and through the woods..

To the Brigham house we go!

We flew to Washington state and enjoyed a peaceful week..

They live so close to the shore every park has a waterfront view..

Everywhere you look you see these amazing trees.. they tower over you and make you feel so small..

The weather was amazing while we were there and our lungs enjoyed the good clean air...

Thanks to our amazing hosts for a memorable and relaxing vacation.. THANK YOU!


My heart...

Walks outside my body and her name is Maya....
I don't know how it happened...she grew up so fast.. I don't see those baby rolls anymore.. my sweet little peanut has blossomed into this precious, creative and sensitive little girl.. Sheis truly the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel so blessed to be her mom and astounded at what that means.. She pushes me outside my comfort zone.. She keeps me guessing about what her new adventure, story or drawing will be...
I am literally taking in every minute I can.. I am trying to slow down the days.. I want to bottle her smell and hear her amazingly contagious giggle...
Life is good.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A playdate with Elliott..

Katherine, Steve and Elliott made it to Vista for a short visit..

Maya and I took a drive out there to visit.. The kids took to each other so easily.. they haven't seen each other in a year.. But they are pals.. just like their moms and dads..

Katherine is my soul sister in so many ways.. We have known eachother since high school and were it not for Katherine I would have not had a ride to swim practice nor would I have tried out for water polo (and I even stayed after she bailed!)...
Our friendship has lasted across the years and miles.. No matter how far she flies Katherine and I find our way to each other.. I feel so blessed to have such a dear friend. Even more lucky that our hubbies get along.. and now with the addition of Elliott I feel like a proud auntie...
We had a great visit.

Friends Forever!

The P.O.O.L party...

A few weeks ago I sent out a plea to the Dans and their families.. I had an entire email's worth of justification.. I conjured up memories of summers past with the lyrics to Summer Time (yes, its on the playlist now).. I used every reason and influence I could.. I invited them over to catch up, eat, and take some pictures... The stars magically aligned and it happened!
It was time to Play Outside On the Lawn (P.O.O.L)! I don't really have a pool, but I want one.. (extra lottery winnings or donations are welcome).. Instead we settled with an inflatable pool and a Slip N Slide! Worked for us...

Here are some pictures of our shindig (as Denny would say)...

The weather was perfect for water play and the pool was big enough.. Ethan was the lone boy but he wasn't going to miss out on the fun.

Paige, Ava and Maya had a blast with the sprinklers...

Snoop was the cool parent attempting the Slip N Slide..

Colleen and Gilly stayed cool in the shade..

Speaking of Cool...Emma is just too cool as the oldest of the bunch..

Denny and Stef did their best to keep the little one from remembering his teeth.. He was all smiles..
Dan and Lindsey picture perfect as always..

It was so good to have everyone over and to see how much the kids have grown.. We got to check in on life events, tv shows and most importantly make more memories..

The Dans have been in my life for 20 yrs. I can only hope they will put up with me for the next 20.. Seeing my friends here only reminds me of the saying that "Friends are the family you choose for yourself"... Here's our big family picture...

Have a great summer!