Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A playdate with Elliott..

Katherine, Steve and Elliott made it to Vista for a short visit..

Maya and I took a drive out there to visit.. The kids took to each other so easily.. they haven't seen each other in a year.. But they are pals.. just like their moms and dads..

Katherine is my soul sister in so many ways.. We have known eachother since high school and were it not for Katherine I would have not had a ride to swim practice nor would I have tried out for water polo (and I even stayed after she bailed!)...
Our friendship has lasted across the years and miles.. No matter how far she flies Katherine and I find our way to each other.. I feel so blessed to have such a dear friend. Even more lucky that our hubbies get along.. and now with the addition of Elliott I feel like a proud auntie...
We had a great visit.

Friends Forever!

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