Friday, April 23, 2010


A few weeks ago Sharon hosted a mom and my playdate.. Sophia, Ariana and Maya enjoyed their picnic and each other's company.. Michele and I watched as Sharon drove her self crazy with lunch preparations.. In between catching up and feeding the girls came this wonderful aroma... We have no clue how she did it but she made bread..This bread!

She made little personal boule breads. They came out crusty and steaming hot.. When it was served the little girls fought for the largest piece, us big girls drooled at the sight..She made a heirloom tomato salad with feta.. I brought some bruschetta and two hours later we had soaked up every drop of olive oil with that amazing bread. We were full on the wonderful food and never made it to the main entree but we didn't care. We had bread..
As soon as I left I started begging for the recipe and she finally caved. This bread is so easy its scary..
I started the recipe during my lunch hour since I knew it need to rise for at least 2 hours.. I wasnt sure it would be ready by dinner.. Maya had a piece fresh out.. she smiled from ear to ear.. I left the rest on the counter for Martin and left to the grocery store.. I knew I couldnt start eating it. I had to wait until I had a good reason and time to work out.. afterall this is white bread. Real bread, no low fat, whole grain anything.. just plain and unadulterated wonderful bread..
When I got home Martin said "Oh that bread".. I worried for a second and then I saw the face.. He said he couldnt believe how good it was and that I now could whip it up so easily.. Yeah.. Its that good..
This morning when I ask Missy what she wanted to breakfast she immediately said "The bread"...
Let me know when you are coming and I will whip up a boule just for you!

Spring Smile

I just had to take a quick picture of Missy in this "tea party" dress.. It may not fit much longer.. She is growing out of her clothes and each inch makes me sigh.. It was picture day at school so I wanted to capture a natural picture at home.. Missy still carries an animal with her.. today it was dog. I have no clue what his name is.. Bad Mom..

This dress is Maya.. Its a fabric version of her vibrant personality. She loves to twirl around in this dress.. She is one happy girl .
I tried to put it in the Sophia bag (that is what we call the clothes that Maya wants Sophia to have) but Missy was not readyto part with it.. So we kept it. After all, I want her to stay this age as long as possible..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Monkeys...

Spring Soccer started and so far our girls are having a blast.. We are wearing pink proudly and being silly like our mascot, the monkey.. A big "Thank You" to uncle Arthur for the art skills..

Maya has some wonderful teammates in Alexandra, Jessica, Rylee, Taylor and Katelyn..

This season I have a fabulous assistant coach in Steve...
This season I even convinced Martin to be our permanent ref! Wahoo!

We are off to a fun start!
Coach Alex

My favorite uncle...

Turned 50!
In honor of his renewed interest in riding horses.. or as we say in Spanish, being a "charo".. A Coyboy.. My Auntie threw him a party at the barn.. My uncle got to show his horses and his training skills.. Here he is playing with one of the horses..

Uncle and one of his other loves..Cigars.

Auntie Hilda and Uncle Alfredo..

Ride On Cowboy!

Slow down!

That is what I want to yell at Father Time.. I don't know how it happened but its mid April! What? Seriously.. We have been so busy with work, spring break, life.. I know how blessed I am and believe me I am thankful for so much in my life. I am not complaining, I am just saying I need a minute to smell the roses....
It's just been one of those times in my life where I feel discombobulated.. I want to do more than is possible.. The list runs the gamut..I have things to do like clean, places to go and people to see.. I am out of my routine, we have added more to the mix which always means we need to readjust until all the balls are in the air at the right time... Hang on..
I will try to catch up on the events of late.. We have made some amazing memories..

On a beautiful Sunday in April Maya had a personal Easter Egg Hunt..

Easter was quiet right up until that HUGE EARTHQUAKE! We hosted at the Galvan Ranch and enjoyed a quiet day.. just after saying grace..The 7.2 started and rolled through the house.. we were literally able to look and talk through it.. I think God was telling us to slow down..
For everything there is a time and a season..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Watching them grow...

It's Spring and flowers are blooming but this past week we got to host, Denise and Emily, our nieces. I was amazed at how tall and beautiful the girls have gotten. They are no longer little girls, they are quickly growing and becoming little ladies..
The house was filled with giggling, makeup, singing and all things girl.. There was the texting and brooding of the preteen.. Two more months until Denise is an official teenager! There was the indecisive but kind middle child Emily..
Then there was little miss host, Maya. She was all about maximizing every minute. She wanted to stay up late sleep in the loft and enjoy all the treats that come with having a week off with built in playmates..
The calendar was filled with evening activities..
We hit the ceramic cafe for some artistic expression...
We ventured out to Muligan's for mini-golf and go-karts.. Emily even took on the rock wall..

We also went bowling and enjoyed the boost of the bumpers..
The week wrapped up with the neighborhood Egg hunt.. As if these girls needed any sugar.. They had more energy that the energizer bunny... We dyed some Easter eggs on Saturday....
It was a great week..