Friday, April 23, 2010


A few weeks ago Sharon hosted a mom and my playdate.. Sophia, Ariana and Maya enjoyed their picnic and each other's company.. Michele and I watched as Sharon drove her self crazy with lunch preparations.. In between catching up and feeding the girls came this wonderful aroma... We have no clue how she did it but she made bread..This bread!

She made little personal boule breads. They came out crusty and steaming hot.. When it was served the little girls fought for the largest piece, us big girls drooled at the sight..She made a heirloom tomato salad with feta.. I brought some bruschetta and two hours later we had soaked up every drop of olive oil with that amazing bread. We were full on the wonderful food and never made it to the main entree but we didn't care. We had bread..
As soon as I left I started begging for the recipe and she finally caved. This bread is so easy its scary..
I started the recipe during my lunch hour since I knew it need to rise for at least 2 hours.. I wasnt sure it would be ready by dinner.. Maya had a piece fresh out.. she smiled from ear to ear.. I left the rest on the counter for Martin and left to the grocery store.. I knew I couldnt start eating it. I had to wait until I had a good reason and time to work out.. afterall this is white bread. Real bread, no low fat, whole grain anything.. just plain and unadulterated wonderful bread..
When I got home Martin said "Oh that bread".. I worried for a second and then I saw the face.. He said he couldnt believe how good it was and that I now could whip it up so easily.. Yeah.. Its that good..
This morning when I ask Missy what she wanted to breakfast she immediately said "The bread"...
Let me know when you are coming and I will whip up a boule just for you!

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