Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Watching them grow...

It's Spring and flowers are blooming but this past week we got to host, Denise and Emily, our nieces. I was amazed at how tall and beautiful the girls have gotten. They are no longer little girls, they are quickly growing and becoming little ladies..
The house was filled with giggling, makeup, singing and all things girl.. There was the texting and brooding of the preteen.. Two more months until Denise is an official teenager! There was the indecisive but kind middle child Emily..
Then there was little miss host, Maya. She was all about maximizing every minute. She wanted to stay up late sleep in the loft and enjoy all the treats that come with having a week off with built in playmates..
The calendar was filled with evening activities..
We hit the ceramic cafe for some artistic expression...
We ventured out to Muligan's for mini-golf and go-karts.. Emily even took on the rock wall..

We also went bowling and enjoyed the boost of the bumpers..
The week wrapped up with the neighborhood Egg hunt.. As if these girls needed any sugar.. They had more energy that the energizer bunny... We dyed some Easter eggs on Saturday....
It was a great week..

1 comment:

  1. Cute Pictures (:
    Maya looks so silly with her little liberty hat thingy, I miss her so much!!!!!
    I hope all of you are doing great.
    Great job with the planning Alex! Seems like they all had a blast!