Saturday, September 26, 2009

A sleepy Saturday

Well not really sleepy but I did get a 40 min nap! In the middle of an afternoon on a Saturday that is unheard of.... I think the heat drained us all. Maya had a late game this morning which meant the sun was out in full force.. If it was under 100 degrees I would be surprised.. Did I tell you how ready I am for Fall? I am!

I started the day determined to get some Sunflowers.. Boy, did I score.. I got some HUGE and beautiful bright sunflowers from my usual stand at the local farmer's market.. its the best deal out there.. two bunches for $5! Those 5 bucks make me sooooo happy.. Just looking at those blooms on the counter makes me thank God for gifting us humans flowers..These blooms as as large as Maya's face..

The game was a hoot.. those poor girls were tired but fighting for every ball..They missed as many goals as they made but we had a blast watching, cheering and mentally pushing the balls into the goals on their behalf...

Go Fireflies!
Tata For Now!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Birthday Express is coming our way!

Every year for the past 5, September starts off the birthdays and its a whirlwind until the end of the year. This year will be a little different since the playgroup kids have grown up and are making friends at school and separate from the mommies.. It's a milestone year on many levels.. While Maya is just starting Kinder the rest of the original group actually started First grade.. In some ways we have grown apart and in other ways we have grown closer.. We were so blessed to share those 5 years with the playgroup..Our Friday afternoon playdates, themed birthdays and Halloween pictures that I will cherish forever.. The friendships among the mommies have also changed.. Jenn is now the fitness trainer and I love her kick butt workouts.. Deanna and I are peas in a pod who talk often and share everything from feelings to fabric obsessions and interchangeable families...The compadres peek in and out when they miss us and we enjoy their Sayers spunk..The memories will last forever.. and this Saturday we made some more memories...
We celebrated at the Bell home.. Gracie turned 6! The kids bounced until they were cold and soaked in the water slide.. Presents were made with lots of love.. like this lovely butterfly quilt from grammie..
I can't believe this was the same little girl that used to trade moms and strollers with Maya at the Wild Animal Park.. She is a tall girl with so much energy and some fierce determination.. I can't believe how photogenic she is and I enjoyed capturing some pictures of our Gracie Girl...

Happy Birthday Miss Grace!

Much love and Many Blessings,
The Galvans...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

An easy peasy party plan..

This year Missy has decided that she wants to have her party at the local jumper place.. I should be happy.. I am, no work for me.. yipee.. I am estatic. Sort of.. I mean nothing for me to do except show up, hand over a credit card and watch from a bench with the rest of the parents....I will not attempt to take pictures of the jumping.. we will save the camera for cake time..A store made cake, not a mom made cake.. However, crazy moi was slightly excited about a thematic party.. I mean afterall its been a tradition. Every year we have had some theme.. something tying it all together... last year's princesss tea was work and I was crazy with the whole thing..However, the event itself was so sweet and the pictures are priceless! It was small and meaningful with her little friends as adorable princesses. Pink tea was served in real tea sets. gloves were worn, ball gowns and imaginations were in full gear..There are some great images still in my head of Maya in curls and gloves looking at herself in the mirror .. what bliss.. the smile on her face as she saw her castle shaped (and awfully decorated cake) was worth every min of sleep I lost trying to keep in the theme..The year before that it was all things Little Mermaid. it was not one but 2 cakes.. It was Arthur and Christine piping a thousand little stars to make Ariel's face and me using ground graham crackers to mimic sand on the large cake.. They were home events. They were a busy bees favorite thing to do even if it required more time than possible, a creative mind (internet ideas were a great tool) and a reasonable budget after all this bee is frugal. For me half the fun is figuring out how to do it all without breaking the bank, its just a kid party in the end..
Anyhow, as the party talk started this Sept. I thought forsure Maya would ask for something from left field like a Star Wars themed party or a pony.. instead she stuck to her original request.. a jumper party at Pump It Up.. we went to atleast 100 in the past 5 years and all she cold say was "Mom, it was soo cool".. ok.. I will remember its her party and thank her for saving me all the work..
Just so you know, I even had a theme in mind.. Candyland or Candy Shop.. I have not only recently been obsessed with old fashion candy store set ups.. Think glass apothacary jars filled with colorful candies of all types. I see clear wrapped and bubble gum machines...You with me?. So as I venture on my usual haunts, Julie (also has great party ideas) posts about a great hosting site.. then I find these cute mini bubble gum machines.. Wouldn't those be cute favors? Missy loves gum! Now tonight another blog with a fun name with a candy shop party and all of the associated regalia! Go see it and tell me you dont want to go to that party.. Its too much.. HMPF! I mean look at the table settings here. easy! and practical.. I can put some lollipops in a vase and call it a centerpiece, it decorates itself!
Ok, I will leave it alone for now.. afterall its her party and I dont want her crying.. .Maybe next year she will ask for something so over the top I will want to eat my words.. When it comes to Missy anything is possible.. I mean afterall she has already scared me with the biggest party request of all.. a QUINCENERA. For those of you who don't know what that is consider yourself lucky but I am sure you have your own version, be it a Sweet Sixteen, a coming of age, a debut, a cotillion or even a beautillion.. that is a production.. that will be my nightmare.. let's hope she forgets.. right.. my child forgets nothing.. she can still tell me how I pinched her chin with her new jacket or how uncle Carl pushed her off a swing (she let go!) and the list goes on..she won't forget..
Saving my energy for now..

We are the Fireflies!

Soccer kicked off at 8:00am sharp! The girls were still slightly sleepy and the morning was already warming up.. The game was fun and fast.. Its fun to watch them run around after the ball.. The looks of determined confusion making us laugh on the sidelines.. This season we are the fireflies..check out the uniforms..Could we be anything else?

Let's Glow Girls!
Team Mom Alex

Pinata Party!

At 28 my brother got a birthday pinata.. It was a HUGE red elmo.. we had a blast breaking it and watching Andre overcome his fear of heights... My cousin Monica thought it would be a fun gift.. the little ones thought..CANDY! lots of it.. Maya has eaten 2 pieces today and given away a bag full to her friend..
Yesterday was a busy day.. not only did the soccer season kick to follow..but I was in baking mode with the birthday cakes.. Cakes in plural since I made one for Arthur and another for Luis.. the family was gathered and it was a treat to see some family members who we havent seen in almost 10 years.. far too long..
Cousin Lina, Aunt Eva and Aunt Josefina

There was food, there was cake, coffee , cards and conversation. what more could we want? a winning lotto ticket? yes! a few of us gave Arthur some lottery tickets in hopes of sending him good luck and $$.. Keep scratching.

Arthur's best friend Andre came with his darling Diana.. the Soberanis, Izguerra, Gonzalez cousins and uncle Miguel and Josefina were there.. Rosemary, Grandma Cortez and Nicole made it from Bell for a rare treat.. Christine was there to share in the fun and memories.. My little tribe of three was there to supply the baked goods and my aunt Eva and cousin Lina also made it down from Culver City.. Irma the social butterfly was there and then off to her next event..

Here are some pictures for the scrapbook...


The Cortez side of the Family..

Monica, Mom and Mona..

Uncle Miguel takes out his frustration via Elma..Off with his HEAD!

Christine and Arthur picking up candy for the stash!

Another year for Arthur and another pose!

Happy Birthday little brother!
love ya,

Friday, September 11, 2009

Is it Fall yet?

Now don't get me wrong.. I am not in the crazy club of retail people who are already bombarding us with Chistmas.. I am just ready for the pace of fall.. I am ready for the cool breezes and fall colors to make their appearence .. I want to wear shoes and cover myself at night with a blanket instead of trying to cool off and turn the AC down another notch... Yeah, remind me later to not open the electric bill..
Fall to me is perfection. yes, I know I am biased.. I know that for me a chill in the morning and blankets at night are in my image of comfort. Its time to make hot soups and bake breads, cookies and all things bakeable..
I hear the whispers for patience.. Fall will be here before I know it.. The sunset tonight was glorious.. the sky was flaming in pinks and purples.. a perfect view from my window.. a blessed day.. a Friday to remember all those who lost on this day.. a day to be grateful that we live under the blanket of Freedom..

Monday, September 7, 2009

Who knew?

That the reunion scence between Annie/Hallie and mom in Parent Trap is a tear jerker? Well this wonderful morning as the banana bread bakes and the sun shines Maya and I are curled up on the couch enjoying the movie..
Maya held back tears as mine flowed.. I am a sucker for anything that tugs at the emotional heart strings..
It's a lovely day and it's not even noon..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Random thoughts...

Are spinning in my head..
Iced Coffee.. did I tell you how crazy good cold brew iced coffee is? No? Well then check out SmittenKitchen and you will find out how to make it.. yeah.. its her recipe so you know its FABULOUS! Its my favorite treat for this hot summer and its coffee..what could be better?
Oh yes, summer is almost over.. Its almost time for my season.. the Fall. Just like in the movies and funny commercials.. for me its "the most wonderful time of the year"... I love all things pumpkins, fall, Christmas, holidays, baking.. yup.. I am already thinking of all those fun memories to be made..
I finished a small quilt.. I love the vintage look of the prints.. I can only hope that Ava likes Purple because the back is entirely purple.. If she doesn't, I suppose she can make sure she never turns it over...I am sure once its back from being quilted it will be even cozier..
Maya is growing and saying the funniest things.. The latest silly story was how she doesn't want to go to college like Kenya and Beverly.. this after being told that she will always eat veggies while she lives at home.. He little mind thinks well I wont live at home once I go to college like my aunts.. Talk about weird associations..In addition, she is already planning her birthday.. thankfully its not a complex production this year.. 2 hrs at the local jumpy place and the party is over.. yipee for me...
I saw a great bumper sticker this week at the gym.. "Mothering, a proud profession".. I loved it.. If I ever see it I am getting one of those.. I love being a mom. and I completely agree that it is a job! I hear the Amens out there..Its work.. It's a complex tightrope walk between too much attention and not enough.. It's a crazy rollercoaster ride of love and pride mixed in with fear and frustration.. It's on the job learning and exhaustion at the cellular level.. It's inspiring and hearthbreaking all in one life time.. Great bumper sticker..
Yes, as you have read so far. If you have made it this far.. my thoughts are all over. I have been so busy in the evening with the soccer coaches and the wait list kids, I just want the season to start and the administrative duties to subside.. I am curious as to how Maya will do this season.. She has 3 seasons under her but is very selective about when and how long she plays.. At the same time I cam concerned about how much taller the other girls are. She isn't as tall as her team mates, hope she can hold her own and we can avoid the tears..
Well that's all for now.. Bare with me while I get back to some sense of routine.. The birthdays are coming straight at us which means I will blink and it will be Dec.. It's time I start thinking about gifts.. Don't like the last min mall rush for gifts.. too much pressure..
Ta Ta for now!

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's not the coffee...

But something has reenergized me.. Something kicked in and made me wake back up out of the fog.. What fog? well considering I haven't been on here sharing the crazy..that fog. the one that made me feel overwhelmed at how many things were on the list.. my list..the growing list of stuff that gets done and yet grows faster than I can cross things off.. The normal life feeling is back.. I can and will push through the end of the summer. I will enjoy the fall and life will go on..It isn't stopping for me that's for sure.. So I'd better keep up..
Class was good. I missed the gals.. I missed Deanna.. It was not the same at the table. I needed to live in "normal" with Deanna for at least those hours.. She is going through so much.. I feel selfish even saying that I needed something from her..
Julie is pregnant and just so cute.. She was made for babies and they were made for her... So fun to hear her stories.. Maysen and Maya are twins! I love hearing her stories of Maysen and her school adventures.. The way she does her voice is endearing..and inside it reaffirms, I have a normal kid.. Yipee!
Thank goodness for that..