Saturday, September 26, 2009

A sleepy Saturday

Well not really sleepy but I did get a 40 min nap! In the middle of an afternoon on a Saturday that is unheard of.... I think the heat drained us all. Maya had a late game this morning which meant the sun was out in full force.. If it was under 100 degrees I would be surprised.. Did I tell you how ready I am for Fall? I am!

I started the day determined to get some Sunflowers.. Boy, did I score.. I got some HUGE and beautiful bright sunflowers from my usual stand at the local farmer's market.. its the best deal out there.. two bunches for $5! Those 5 bucks make me sooooo happy.. Just looking at those blooms on the counter makes me thank God for gifting us humans flowers..These blooms as as large as Maya's face..

The game was a hoot.. those poor girls were tired but fighting for every ball..They missed as many goals as they made but we had a blast watching, cheering and mentally pushing the balls into the goals on their behalf...

Go Fireflies!
Tata For Now!

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