Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pinata Party!

At 28 my brother got a birthday pinata.. It was a HUGE red elmo.. we had a blast breaking it and watching Andre overcome his fear of heights... My cousin Monica thought it would be a fun gift.. the little ones thought..CANDY! lots of it.. Maya has eaten 2 pieces today and given away a bag full to her friend..
Yesterday was a busy day.. not only did the soccer season kick to follow..but I was in baking mode with the birthday cakes.. Cakes in plural since I made one for Arthur and another for Luis.. the family was gathered and it was a treat to see some family members who we havent seen in almost 10 years.. far too long..
Cousin Lina, Aunt Eva and Aunt Josefina

There was food, there was cake, coffee , cards and conversation. what more could we want? a winning lotto ticket? yes! a few of us gave Arthur some lottery tickets in hopes of sending him good luck and $$.. Keep scratching.

Arthur's best friend Andre came with his darling Diana.. the Soberanis, Izguerra, Gonzalez cousins and uncle Miguel and Josefina were there.. Rosemary, Grandma Cortez and Nicole made it from Bell for a rare treat.. Christine was there to share in the fun and memories.. My little tribe of three was there to supply the baked goods and my aunt Eva and cousin Lina also made it down from Culver City.. Irma the social butterfly was there and then off to her next event..

Here are some pictures for the scrapbook...


The Cortez side of the Family..

Monica, Mom and Mona..

Uncle Miguel takes out his frustration via Elma..Off with his HEAD!

Christine and Arthur picking up candy for the stash!

Another year for Arthur and another pose!

Happy Birthday little brother!
love ya,

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