Saturday, September 5, 2009

Random thoughts...

Are spinning in my head..
Iced Coffee.. did I tell you how crazy good cold brew iced coffee is? No? Well then check out SmittenKitchen and you will find out how to make it.. yeah.. its her recipe so you know its FABULOUS! Its my favorite treat for this hot summer and its coffee..what could be better?
Oh yes, summer is almost over.. Its almost time for my season.. the Fall. Just like in the movies and funny commercials.. for me its "the most wonderful time of the year"... I love all things pumpkins, fall, Christmas, holidays, baking.. yup.. I am already thinking of all those fun memories to be made..
I finished a small quilt.. I love the vintage look of the prints.. I can only hope that Ava likes Purple because the back is entirely purple.. If she doesn't, I suppose she can make sure she never turns it over...I am sure once its back from being quilted it will be even cozier..
Maya is growing and saying the funniest things.. The latest silly story was how she doesn't want to go to college like Kenya and Beverly.. this after being told that she will always eat veggies while she lives at home.. He little mind thinks well I wont live at home once I go to college like my aunts.. Talk about weird associations..In addition, she is already planning her birthday.. thankfully its not a complex production this year.. 2 hrs at the local jumpy place and the party is over.. yipee for me...
I saw a great bumper sticker this week at the gym.. "Mothering, a proud profession".. I loved it.. If I ever see it I am getting one of those.. I love being a mom. and I completely agree that it is a job! I hear the Amens out there..Its work.. It's a complex tightrope walk between too much attention and not enough.. It's a crazy rollercoaster ride of love and pride mixed in with fear and frustration.. It's on the job learning and exhaustion at the cellular level.. It's inspiring and hearthbreaking all in one life time.. Great bumper sticker..
Yes, as you have read so far. If you have made it this far.. my thoughts are all over. I have been so busy in the evening with the soccer coaches and the wait list kids, I just want the season to start and the administrative duties to subside.. I am curious as to how Maya will do this season.. She has 3 seasons under her but is very selective about when and how long she plays.. At the same time I cam concerned about how much taller the other girls are. She isn't as tall as her team mates, hope she can hold her own and we can avoid the tears..
Well that's all for now.. Bare with me while I get back to some sense of routine.. The birthdays are coming straight at us which means I will blink and it will be Dec.. It's time I start thinking about gifts.. Don't like the last min mall rush for gifts.. too much pressure..
Ta Ta for now!

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