Friday, September 4, 2009

It's not the coffee...

But something has reenergized me.. Something kicked in and made me wake back up out of the fog.. What fog? well considering I haven't been on here sharing the crazy..that fog. the one that made me feel overwhelmed at how many things were on the list.. my list..the growing list of stuff that gets done and yet grows faster than I can cross things off.. The normal life feeling is back.. I can and will push through the end of the summer. I will enjoy the fall and life will go on..It isn't stopping for me that's for sure.. So I'd better keep up..
Class was good. I missed the gals.. I missed Deanna.. It was not the same at the table. I needed to live in "normal" with Deanna for at least those hours.. She is going through so much.. I feel selfish even saying that I needed something from her..
Julie is pregnant and just so cute.. She was made for babies and they were made for her... So fun to hear her stories.. Maysen and Maya are twins! I love hearing her stories of Maysen and her school adventures.. The way she does her voice is endearing..and inside it reaffirms, I have a normal kid.. Yipee!
Thank goodness for that..

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