Monday, September 21, 2009

The Birthday Express is coming our way!

Every year for the past 5, September starts off the birthdays and its a whirlwind until the end of the year. This year will be a little different since the playgroup kids have grown up and are making friends at school and separate from the mommies.. It's a milestone year on many levels.. While Maya is just starting Kinder the rest of the original group actually started First grade.. In some ways we have grown apart and in other ways we have grown closer.. We were so blessed to share those 5 years with the playgroup..Our Friday afternoon playdates, themed birthdays and Halloween pictures that I will cherish forever.. The friendships among the mommies have also changed.. Jenn is now the fitness trainer and I love her kick butt workouts.. Deanna and I are peas in a pod who talk often and share everything from feelings to fabric obsessions and interchangeable families...The compadres peek in and out when they miss us and we enjoy their Sayers spunk..The memories will last forever.. and this Saturday we made some more memories...
We celebrated at the Bell home.. Gracie turned 6! The kids bounced until they were cold and soaked in the water slide.. Presents were made with lots of love.. like this lovely butterfly quilt from grammie..
I can't believe this was the same little girl that used to trade moms and strollers with Maya at the Wild Animal Park.. She is a tall girl with so much energy and some fierce determination.. I can't believe how photogenic she is and I enjoyed capturing some pictures of our Gracie Girl...

Happy Birthday Miss Grace!

Much love and Many Blessings,
The Galvans...

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  1. Gracie loved reading your message and seeing her picture on the computer. Thank you Auntie Alex!