Friday, September 11, 2009

Is it Fall yet?

Now don't get me wrong.. I am not in the crazy club of retail people who are already bombarding us with Chistmas.. I am just ready for the pace of fall.. I am ready for the cool breezes and fall colors to make their appearence .. I want to wear shoes and cover myself at night with a blanket instead of trying to cool off and turn the AC down another notch... Yeah, remind me later to not open the electric bill..
Fall to me is perfection. yes, I know I am biased.. I know that for me a chill in the morning and blankets at night are in my image of comfort. Its time to make hot soups and bake breads, cookies and all things bakeable..
I hear the whispers for patience.. Fall will be here before I know it.. The sunset tonight was glorious.. the sky was flaming in pinks and purples.. a perfect view from my window.. a blessed day.. a Friday to remember all those who lost on this day.. a day to be grateful that we live under the blanket of Freedom..

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