Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Easter Bunny is hopping our way..

I feel like a tired bunny but my brain is in full gear.. The week has been hectic. Seriously, a blur and not to be discussed right now..

I do want to mention that the Missy took her Easter Bunny pictures today.. I can't wait for them to come back even though it means I will have to fork over more money than I would normally think is reasonable for prints... But frugality goes out the door when you weigh the pros of this particular situation. I mean they bring the bunny to her school.. In turn, I am spared the afternoon at the mall standing in a line full of terrified and tired kids who want nothing to do with a 6ft tall bunny in a fake garden set up.. Who do I make the check out too? Back to the regularly scheduled program... She was dressed in a lovely "lello" dress that just makes me smile from the inside out.. Since my blog is new you don't know how much the color yellow fits my Missy to a tee.. she is happiness. It's what she would be if she were a color.. except she will tell you she is pink... This dress has an embroidered lace like edge in a cream color giving it a real charm. It's a pastel yellow with prints of tiny airy flowers... She even let me put her hair in half pony tails and wanted some ribbon hair do-dads.. yes, that is the highly technical name...She was adamant that she only wanted to wear the dress for the picture with the Bunny and needed a change of clothing.. When I picked her up you would have never known that I spent more than 10 mins brushing and gelling her hair and ensuring that the yellow ribbons were set correctly on her head. Instead my flower child was sitting on the artificial turf playing patty cake with her girl friends in comfy khakis, a bright pink tank, an old sweatshirt and her waist long locks were free flowing as she moved with her clapping.. She is my sunshine....

I am so tired and finally resting.. Its 10:30 and I am finally sitting down to get inspired and reenergized. Ace of Cakes is on and I can smell the sugar from here.. I haven't baked in a couple of weeks.. I have been waiting for a free weekend afternoon to try something new.... Smitten Kitten posted a pound cake recipe that looked unbelievable.. I wanted to lick my screen it was so tempting.. Her pictures are stunning.. Then there are all the Bakerella tempatations that look easy and yummy... What will I bake?

Deanna and I should be able to get some sewing in this weekend.. So many projects to finish...So many more to get excited about.. Look at this Fabric Egg tutorial on Reto mama.. Super Cute. I have been eyeing the same cake stand at Target.. I really want it.. I like the 3 tiered baskets in the same wire..In fact, I just bought a chicken wire sqare basket for the island that I believe is the black version of these and would coordinate for a brunch setting perfectly.. Did I just rationalize spending? Yup.. think so..

Speaking of brunch.. Easter is so close.. I need to decide what to do for Easter. Where will we go, what shall we eat.. How should we celebrate not only the commercial Easter but the important Easter vigil... It's a time of renewal and I know I am praying for the strength to focus on the positives in my life rather than worrying about the "what ifs" in life which I can not control... I need the peace and serentiy that comes with knowing that it will all get better with time and that this is just another test in our lives... God is good.. we must stay positive...

Maya and I always make real Easter eggs. We dye them the old fashioned way.. There were no fake plastic, pre-stuffed, comericially produced eggs when I was a kid.. It's not fun if it comes already prepackaged.. Its about pouring stinky vinegar in small cups and then watching the color tablets bubble away and turn the vinegar a bright color.. Its about trying to figure out how and where to hide the eggs and then how much egg salad to eat after..Those are the fun memories.. I can still see in my minds eye the picture of Maya 2 years ago.. she was beaming in a blue Shamu t-shirt, braids and a focused face after completing her first dozen eggs dyed.. She presented them like she was a waiter at a fancy restaurant offering a special from the menu..."Would you care for a blue or a pink egg ?" her eyes seem to ask.. I can't wait to see how creative she will be this year. Afterall her name means.. "God's creative force"..

Off to count sheep..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Even though we got some mild showers today. I can see spring.. the hill sides are in bloom.. patches of color are poping up in gardens and lawns, the store aisles are filled with baskets and pastel colored decorations.. The Easter bunny is near...

The weekend was a whirlwind.. It started off at our quilting version of Cheers.. the quilt shop.. Fatquaters in Vista has been our place for admiring fabric, sharing family stories and making friends... If I didnt have the shop and my bimonthly classes, I know I would be laid out on a couch paying $100/hr for theraphy... Moving along.. we have a returning pal... Margie is back! I was so excited to see her. I wanted to know how she had been. I remember how she told me that once I had kids I would surely find my way to a bottle of wine..LOL! I have had some moments but so far my aversion to alchol has not changed... It had been about 5 years since I had seen Margie.... She is still her happy and sweet petite self.. she just got into the groove like she never left.. that is the best part about FQs.. its a haven for us moms... Julie has us working on an adorable and super "easy peasy" flower quilt.. I am sure she has to have it somewhere on Tattered Threads..

Saturday, we visited my family in the Eastlake area.. I am "Gaby" over there. I am me but with a different name.. We had a fabulous lunch at a place called Miguel's.. Queso fundido, chips and sopes.. yum! Maya had a blast playing with my aunt's dog Charlie and even more fun in the jumper at Leslie's birthday party.. She slept 12 hrs straight last night.. Lucky girl..

Today was a long and rewarding day.. Jake and I took to the field for a morning walk. It was cold out..I could smell the rain coming and the wind stung my face.. He raced around looking for rabbits to chase only to loose them in the tall grass... He has an ear infection which makes me cringe.. He is shaking his head so hard that the flapping of his ears is whipping his head and bleeding at the very tips.... its a bit scary.. The vet said its common in floppy eared labs.. who knew? Kathy Mac did that is who.. that wonderful dog lover and co-worker. she is a treasure trove of info for all things canine.. I am hoping it resolves sooner so I don't have to see his sad and sorrowful eyes..

After that is was off to help with soccer planning.. over 500 hundred players and 45 coaches short as of last week.. it was an adventure in patience and creativity.. we will be calling lots of parents.. we need all the help we can get..More on the trials and tribulations of a reluctant soccer coach later. I am coaching, I am on board..if not me then who? we must all do our part..

The Bell family came for a visit.. What a treat.. all of our "Interchangeables" were here. The hubbies camped in front of the tube.. the girls giggled, jumped, chased and made up their faces all before a group bath... Us mom's tried our hardest to stay sane.. We had a great BBQ dinner and excellent company..The girls had a picnic in the middle of the kitchen which helped with clean up.. Deanna and I managed to escape for a couple of hours on a retail therapy session... More than anything we needed the girl time.. we needed to browse with out a kid tugging on us or a husband asking when we could leave and why we need more dishes, towels or dust collectors?.... We needed to fill our heads with potential ideas for the house, projects to be completed and generally esthetically pleasing sights... A house isn't a home until it rises up to meet you and welcomes company in...

Happy Homemaking..

Monday, March 16, 2009

An award.. For Moi?

I was tagged with the Honest Scrap award by Julie.. What can I say? She is such a wonderful person.. seriously, she inspires me.. Check out her tattered threads blog (located on my blog list) and you will know why I admire that girl.. She is so "stinkin cute"...

The requirements are that I have to list 10 things about myself and then pass it on to others. So, here we go...
1) I have always said I was born in the wrong century.. I love so many things from the past. hence my hobbies, quilting, baking and reading :-)
2) I talk in my sleep.. I talk to myself
3) I cry easily..
4) I don't drink anything stronger than coffee..
5) I am still driving my first car.. I have logged over 333k miles!
6) I want to go to travel to Italy and several other places in Europe..its on my do before I die list
7) Most things in life scare me.. I am very fear goal is to learn not to fear life and relax enough to enjoy it.. this is a high priority since I don't want to pass my fears onto Missy
8) My immediate family is my greatest joy.. I love being a wife and mom
9) I am a proud Libra
10) People fascinate me..
ok, passing this one to Deanna..

Here comes the week

I can't believe how fast the days go.. Mid March..huh? Wasn't I just sick in bed with the flu for New years? Didn't I just put up a 2009 calenar? we are in doing mode for sure.. We are looking forward to the "forced vacation" this April.. We need to find away to relax at home.. its a Staycation.. Its really too late to book anything and most places are still cold or booked way in advance.. Some local car trips for us and some home projects sound like enough.. One day at a time..

Speaking of which..I haven't written my 5 things that I am grateful for.. Going forward this will probably be its own entry but today is as good a day as any to share..

Today I am grateful for....
1) Food on the table.. We ate Mole (pronounced Mo-Leh for those who don't know that the e has an accent) for dinner. It not only fed my hunger it fed my soul. It reminded me of family traditions.. Mole has always been my favorite dish..
2) A happy daughter.. Maya is just a happy girl.. she was all smiles and twirls in her dance class.. It's a treat to watch her through the mirror..To see her engaged, learning and dancing so freely..
3) Technology in its useful forms.. I keep in touch with my mom, brother, friends and family who live near and far.. We are blessed to have access to technology.. Oh yes, and without it, I wouldn't have a career..(not to mention this blog).. Cheers to technology!
4) Another day.. We never know how long we have and I want to remind myself that everyday is a day to say "thank you" and to feel grateful...
5) Quiet.. after this busy work day and evening of activities.. I am truly grateful for the few moments of quiet that I am enjoying right now.. The whole house is quiet..Ahhh...

That's all for now.. I hope you can post your list of 5.. we have so much to be thankful for..

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am having one of those days where I feel like a fish out of water.. Technology can do that to us. It can reduce us to tears of frustration.. Afterall, it is somehow smarter than we are and we have a brain! Not.. After fighting with myself, searching the Cannon website and finally returning to the basics, read the manual.. I did it.. I managed to upload all 361 pictures to my laptop.. I have been wanting to share so many wonderful and yet to be edited pictures with my friends.. I had to figure it out. For a minute, ok, an hour I thought "I am loosing my tech touch".. not a good thing for someone who works in the biz... However, as I mentioned, I am back online.. Yipee. So here are some of the Moments from this year that I feel must go live and be shared...
A playdate at the Bell home.. The girls are getting so big.. We laughed out loud at the hula hoop attempts and all the giggling happening..

Maya with her Favorite Auties Bev and Kenya.. This was Bev's Bon Voyage party..

Did I mention yet how incredibly jealous and proud we all are of Bev.. she is in Italy.. Need I say more?

Jake smirking.. Our two year old pup!

Ok.. I have much editing and sorting to do of my pictures.. just wanted to get some pictures up..

Time Flies!

Oh where have the years gone? Miriam is 18!

Doesn't Monica look thrilled? Her baby is all grown up...

We spent the afternoon eating the Gonzalez out of house and home..

The food, as always, was great. Between the addictive chile that Clara made,

the roasted corn and the DELICIOUS homemade cake..the food was the center of attention..
Happy 18th Birthday Miriam!
Big Hugs to you!
Your cousins..

Friday, March 13, 2009


Instead of Friday today was Disneyday.. Maya was so surprised.. she peed her pants.. ok..not really.. She held it longer than any 5 yr old bladder should..we made it just shy of an accident.. We had a great time..We saw the updated small world, hollered on Big thunder and ended the day with the Alladin show.. The only down side was the look of rejection on little Miss M..she didn't get picked for the Jedi show.. she jumped her little heart out and they didn't see her behind a row of tall boys..Maybe next time the force will be with her and she will get picked to be a padua Jedi.. crossing our fingers.. I can only imagine.. she has been practicing w/ her light saber since Christmas..


Thursday, March 12, 2009


I just added a player to my page.. Hope you like it.. I put a little of everything..Iz makes me melt.. I just tear up at how lovely he sings that song.. Bocelli is on my top 10 and he too makes me soar and melt all at the same time... The emotion in Alicia Keyes voice is only matched by the emotion that Missy sings that song with.. She croons.. Leona Lewis is a new fave and my grasshopper and I discovered a common interest in her voice..I was pleasantly surprised to find our wedding song on the play list choices.. Voices of Theory was a little guy group and they even sang it in Spanish.. In honor of 10 years married this year I had to post that.... I can replay those songs over and over.and now my blog will..hee hee. Last but not least, a new favorite thanks to my dear sweet Julie, is Martina's McBride's "Blessed".. we are blessed and that song says it all... I am grateful..Enjoy the tunes!


My weekend has begun!

We are taking tomorrow off and chaulking it up as a "mental health day".. we are off to Disneyland! We have passes and want to get our monies worth..Missy doesn't even know yet. We love just getting her in the car and and heading out.. By the time we get on the highway she has usually guessed where we are heading..

The week has flown by.. The coughing is almost completely gone. We did not make it to the gym.. must get back on track next week. Speaking of exercise, it looks like I am going to coach soccer for Maya this season. We will have to see how it goes. Wish us all luck..

It's a balmy day today.. I feel like putting on a fire and a movie but I know I should start the laundry and the house work.. that never ending battle of chores.. like hamsters on a wheel no matter how much we clean, make the beds, fold laundry, in a manner of days we will have to do it all over again.. It's an unending cycle.. C'est la vie...

I even have a movie to watch.. The Secret Life of Bees.. I read the book and loved it.. I don't usually like to watch movies after I have read the book, as we all know the movie people tend to change plots and often stray from the book. However, I am intrigued by the actresses that they chose. After all, who can resist Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson? we shall see..

Off I go.. I have clothes to wash and some tea to make..

Monday, March 9, 2009

Exhausted and it's only Monday!

I don't know what was in that time change but it has struck us down TIRED.. Maya slept like a newborn yesterday.. Martin and I look as exhausted as the luggage under our eyes.. the work day zoomed by today with all of its usual craziness..

I am looking forward to my bed... Tonight is usually a gym night but with all of us still coughing to some degree we opted out.. I ran a quick errand after dinner.. I needed my "Hope in a Jar" face cream.. That stuff is great.. or at least I think so.. Once I got home, I jumped straight into my PJ's.

Tonight is family night in front of the Tube.. We watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 (with the rest of America).. We love that show.. Maya loves that show and will stop in her tracks just to watch it and sing the catchy intro song.. After that lights out for Missy as she gets a special dispensation on her bed time on Monday's for the show..Only because she knows that if she gripes at all about waking up in the morning, that priviledge is gone. She has done great so far..

On a final note.. did you know that Barbie turned 50 today? yup.. Happy Birthday Barbie. I picked up my collector doll yesterday at my favorite Spot.. Target and yes, I only paid $3.. a steal!

Gotta run..

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sweet Sunday

I channelled Nigella Lawson today.. I made her Quadruple Chocolate Loaf cake..(Note: link to recipe here) Its my first time attempting one of her recipes.. She more than most of the FN cooks really looks like she enjoys eating and her recipes don't look overly perfect...I saw her make this particular treat on her show eons ago and wanted to come through the screen for a taste. It stuck with me and when I picked up her cookbook at the library I instantly searched for the recipe in the index. When Andrea said she wanted anything with chocolate for her birthday it added to my list of why I must make cake, today.. so HAPPY Birthday Andrea! Chocolate it is..

Every blue moon or so my hubby decides he likes sweets.. well today the request was for oatmeal and peanut butter cookies.. so you can imagine how many hours I spent in the kitchen creaming sugar and butter, washing utensils and smelling sugar.. It was nice to have the time to bake and try new recipes.. My neighbors came over for coffee and sweets....I had one small bite of the cake and it was good.. The one great benefit for me about baking is that since I enjoy the aroma so much I don't need to devour the goodies..

I am feeling a little better but I am thinking it maybe a sinus infection.. the pressure in my head is still requiring 3 ibuprofens at a time.. Everywhere I turn someone is sick.. All I can say is disinfectant.. I spent the bulk of yesterday cleaning, washing and disinfecting every nook and cranny of the house. I not only washed all linesns, I sprayed Lysol everywhere. Bleach is our friend.. I hope the bug is out of our house for the rest of the season.. We have had our turn thank you..



Friday, March 6, 2009

Frosty Friday

I don't know what happened to the sun but the cold weather has me chilled. It's one of those nights where you expect a full moon. Just another reason to cozy up with a cup of tea.. I just got home from quilting at Fat Quarters.. Julie was so sweet, as always.. she made us the cutest St. Patrick's day treats.. Cheery chip cupcakes in green ribbon and an adorable pattern for a heart with a clover in the center.. all made out of wool.. I have to see if I can whip it up in time.. Back to the cupcakes.. I have never heard of cherry chip cake mix? where have I been? Since I didn't have dinner, one cupcake won't be my downfall, right?

Speaking of cupcakes.. On Monday as I was trekking the little Missy to both doctors.. I saw a little sign with "Cheesecake and cupcakes" in bold.. Of course I had to check it out.. How did I not see it before? In between appointments we stopped in..The place is simple and the desserts are center stage and rightly so.. I love the name! Truly Madly Sweetly I did not need to know about buttercream so light and delicious.. Honestly, buttercream is usually not something i want or even think of when it comes to frosting.. I can just pass on most frostings..but this was the frosting to bring back a love for frosting... Deanna and I were plotting how to get away for a cupcake or two.. We shall see..

I am still fighting this bug.. about to take my nightly dose of Tylenol Cold/Flu.. It's all in my head literally.. The sinus pressure is really painful.. hoping that some of it is just due to the weather change..Thankfully I am on the mend and Missy has been better for days but in moments of need, she will throw in a cough or two for sympathy..

Speaking of Missy..she earned her $5 allowance this week. We have been tracking her cleaning on her calendar.. She is doing great.. My little old lady who hangs bags all over the place is a chip off the old block.. She knows that there is a place for everything.. I just have to laugh when I see how adamant she is about where her animals are, where the toys should be and how they should be positioned... there's a girl who knows what she wants.. I can only pray that she will retain that inner strength...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dragging but breathing..

Yesterday was the worst.. I was sick to the point where I had no choice but to be sick.. fighting it was no use.. the fever, chills and shivers all took me down.. I spent all morning in bed.. by the time Martin called to check in it was almost 2! I couldnt believe it.. Only when I am really sick, FLU, do I sleep. Most random things like colds, migraines and other ailments just bring pain.. this was beyond.. that is now 2 FLU's this year.. 09 is not being very kind...

On a happier note.. today I woke up at 6ish and forced myself to be online and functional for my 7am con call.. the day flew by.. I felt miserable all day but half a box of tea, several tissue boxes, few doses of Tylenol cold/flu and some missing lungs later, I am on the mend..The pain in my chest when I cough feels like bronchitis, but I dare not call a doctor.. I will get past this..

I just spent the past hour sewing.. Tada! its done.. the snapshots quilt top is all put together.. Maya said "Emily will love it" I sure hope so.. I still need to decide on the backing but hoping there is some in the sale corner at the shop..

I also just came across today's bake shop project... Selvage pillow.. are you kidding me?! I always throw those out, no more.. I see pillows in my future.. Check it out here..

Tata for now..
A tired bee

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Soup's on!

I am sick... I am tired.. I forgot about dinner until about 3pm.. that is when I felt my worse... However, with no time to think of the TLC I needed my conscious said.. "Remember dinner".. darn it. I forgot to take anything out.. I didnt think about dinner last night since I couldnt get to bed fast body must have known I would wake up sick..all it wanted was sleep.. anyhow.. I grabbed a bag of frozen leg quarters from the freezer and popped them in the sink in a cold water bath...Next thing I know its 5pm and I havent even decided what I will do with that chicken.. in honor of the germs at the Ranch.. I figured Soup...
For a last minute conncoction it came out great.. the only soup type veggie I had in stock was zucchini.. Chop it up and in it goes.. Missy requested noodles (more on our carb addiction later).. By 6:30 I managed to serve up my on the fly chicken noodle soup. It was garnished with avocado chunks and cilantro ala tortilla soup style.. (Did you know that Ina Garten AKA the Barefoot Contessa has an "aversion" to cilantro? well I declare)... It was so good Martin served himself two bowls and Maya had 3! she even managed to eat and entire triangle of zucchini.. That alone is a HUGE accomplishment. My girl can spot a veggie a mile away.. But a grouchy sickly mom said you will eat that piece of zucchini as you are 5 now and you need your veggies.. Don't ask where that briliant logic came from but she twisted her eyebrows and looked at me in surrender..

Fabulous and free?

Ok, its a little known secret but I love aprons.. my dear "Grasshopper" turned me on to the site but only today did I finally find myself oogling the pretties.... The Apronista..the title says it all. My luck, they are giving away an apron.. Check it out here!
So I have to shamelessly plug them so I can get 2 opps at wining a free one.. I want the Madeline..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February recap

Since March has only just begun and Feb is known for being really short.. I figured I could sneak in a recap.. It was a short and bittersweet month that February 09. I finally took the cake decorating class that I had been eyeing..Wednesday nights were not spent watching LOST, instead I was mingling over buttercream... I learnt some neat tricks and piped some neat creations.. Not enough to be the next Ace of Cakes but my repetoire is improving.. Along the way I also discovered how to make Carmel apples.. It will now be the go to Teacher gift :-) They were a huge hit all around and the colored chocolate was fun to drizzle.. Maya really liked being messy and not having to worry..

However, I am most proud of completing projects.. That among other things was a BIG resolution.. I want to finish projects this year. When Martin revamped my closet I was forced to see the fabric hiding in my closet.. I discovered some beautiful and yet to be finished quilts.. I was in shock and so sad.. It reached a peak when I had to purchase a store bought "quilt".. not a good thing. While the thing is lovely and the colors are refreshing.. it is not a QUILT. It was not pieced and looked over with care.. Anyhow..I am back to my quilting and on a mission... To date I have managed to finished the little Christmas dresden plate and the Valentine wall hanging that my dear sweet and "Stinkin Cute" quilting teacher Julie gifted us.. I also finished a "Home Sweet Home" plate from the local ceramic cafe.. Two years later, its done! I have made significant progress on organizing my pictures however, I have a way to go before I consider that a done project. Maya's 5 year scarpbook is still sitting blank..

My snapshots quilt which as of now is planned for one of my nieces is almost done.. It took forever to get it and its peer Spice Cake cut.. Today I am proud to say I am on row 5 of 5 and should be able to get the blocks done tonight..

Missy is in great spirits but looks like the fever doesn't want to break.. She is back up to 101.5 tonight and has started coughing a bit.. Will have to take her to the doctor tomorrow.. Thank goodness my work calendar looks open enough to make a doctor visit.. I have yet to use a sick day, I seem to be lucky enough to get sick on weekends or vacations! that's for a later date.. I must find out why this fever is persisting.. I was hoping it was viral since everyone, I mean everyone, has had something since Jan.. Just about every neighbor has been sick and some of them are still coughing... As I mentioned before I started the year with the Flu.. She is around kids at school, at dance and everywhere else.. the germs can not be avoided.. so something has got her..

Last but not least, it was another relaxing day.. we literally just stayed home.. the trek to Trader Joe's was the only outing.. the sun was out and we got to enjoy those smoothies out in the backyard with mom.. We are good on our vitamin D..


Sunny Sunday

After a hard night we woke to a full sun.. Even the shade's couldn't keep the bright out.. Maya is still fighting the bug.. what it is I have not a clue.. she was semi-functional most of the day and ate but like clock work the fever would spike about every 6 hours.. last night I was having a nightmare that she was having a fever seizure.. when I went into her room she was burning up and said she needed water. I brought her to our bed thinking I could watch her. I tried the cold rag on her forehead I gave her another dose of ibuprofen.. It was almost 3am before her cheeks felt cool to the touch..
She woke up this morning in good spirits excited about grandma coming for a visit.. she found a recipe for fruit smoothies in her kids cookbook (a fave from Auntie Katherine) and decided she had to make fruit smoothies with grandma.. So I have to go get some fresh strawberries..missed the farmer's market yesterday..
Planning nothing again for today since we need to be home so Maya can rest..Forced relaxation is great.. we napped yesterday.. I worked on a quilt while Maya cut paper and worked on a little scrapbook.. we took Jake for a walk in the field as the sunset.. what more could we ask for?.. it was a calm and peaceful day..
Today will be filled with more giggles..Maya and grandma Lola are partners in crime..
Sending Sunshine to all..