Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am having one of those days where I feel like a fish out of water.. Technology can do that to us. It can reduce us to tears of frustration.. Afterall, it is somehow smarter than we are and we have a brain! Not.. After fighting with myself, searching the Cannon website and finally returning to the basics, read the manual.. I did it.. I managed to upload all 361 pictures to my laptop.. I have been wanting to share so many wonderful and yet to be edited pictures with my friends.. I had to figure it out. For a minute, ok, an hour I thought "I am loosing my tech touch".. not a good thing for someone who works in the biz... However, as I mentioned, I am back online.. Yipee. So here are some of the Moments from this year that I feel must go live and be shared...
A playdate at the Bell home.. The girls are getting so big.. We laughed out loud at the hula hoop attempts and all the giggling happening..

Maya with her Favorite Auties Bev and Kenya.. This was Bev's Bon Voyage party..

Did I mention yet how incredibly jealous and proud we all are of Bev.. she is in Italy.. Need I say more?

Jake smirking.. Our two year old pup!

Ok.. I have much editing and sorting to do of my pictures.. just wanted to get some pictures up..

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