Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Easter Bunny is hopping our way..

I feel like a tired bunny but my brain is in full gear.. The week has been hectic. Seriously, a blur and not to be discussed right now..

I do want to mention that the Missy took her Easter Bunny pictures today.. I can't wait for them to come back even though it means I will have to fork over more money than I would normally think is reasonable for prints... But frugality goes out the door when you weigh the pros of this particular situation. I mean they bring the bunny to her school.. In turn, I am spared the afternoon at the mall standing in a line full of terrified and tired kids who want nothing to do with a 6ft tall bunny in a fake garden set up.. Who do I make the check out too? Back to the regularly scheduled program... She was dressed in a lovely "lello" dress that just makes me smile from the inside out.. Since my blog is new you don't know how much the color yellow fits my Missy to a tee.. she is happiness. It's what she would be if she were a color.. except she will tell you she is pink... This dress has an embroidered lace like edge in a cream color giving it a real charm. It's a pastel yellow with prints of tiny airy flowers... She even let me put her hair in half pony tails and wanted some ribbon hair do-dads.. yes, that is the highly technical name...She was adamant that she only wanted to wear the dress for the picture with the Bunny and needed a change of clothing.. When I picked her up you would have never known that I spent more than 10 mins brushing and gelling her hair and ensuring that the yellow ribbons were set correctly on her head. Instead my flower child was sitting on the artificial turf playing patty cake with her girl friends in comfy khakis, a bright pink tank, an old sweatshirt and her waist long locks were free flowing as she moved with her clapping.. She is my sunshine....

I am so tired and finally resting.. Its 10:30 and I am finally sitting down to get inspired and reenergized. Ace of Cakes is on and I can smell the sugar from here.. I haven't baked in a couple of weeks.. I have been waiting for a free weekend afternoon to try something new.... Smitten Kitten posted a pound cake recipe that looked unbelievable.. I wanted to lick my screen it was so tempting.. Her pictures are stunning.. Then there are all the Bakerella tempatations that look easy and yummy... What will I bake?

Deanna and I should be able to get some sewing in this weekend.. So many projects to finish...So many more to get excited about.. Look at this Fabric Egg tutorial on Reto mama.. Super Cute. I have been eyeing the same cake stand at Target.. I really want it.. I like the 3 tiered baskets in the same wire..In fact, I just bought a chicken wire sqare basket for the island that I believe is the black version of these and would coordinate for a brunch setting perfectly.. Did I just rationalize spending? Yup.. think so..

Speaking of brunch.. Easter is so close.. I need to decide what to do for Easter. Where will we go, what shall we eat.. How should we celebrate not only the commercial Easter but the important Easter vigil... It's a time of renewal and I know I am praying for the strength to focus on the positives in my life rather than worrying about the "what ifs" in life which I can not control... I need the peace and serentiy that comes with knowing that it will all get better with time and that this is just another test in our lives... God is good.. we must stay positive...

Maya and I always make real Easter eggs. We dye them the old fashioned way.. There were no fake plastic, pre-stuffed, comericially produced eggs when I was a kid.. It's not fun if it comes already prepackaged.. Its about pouring stinky vinegar in small cups and then watching the color tablets bubble away and turn the vinegar a bright color.. Its about trying to figure out how and where to hide the eggs and then how much egg salad to eat after..Those are the fun memories.. I can still see in my minds eye the picture of Maya 2 years ago.. she was beaming in a blue Shamu t-shirt, braids and a focused face after completing her first dozen eggs dyed.. She presented them like she was a waiter at a fancy restaurant offering a special from the menu..."Would you care for a blue or a pink egg ?" her eyes seem to ask.. I can't wait to see how creative she will be this year. Afterall her name means.. "God's creative force"..

Off to count sheep..

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