Friday, March 6, 2009

Frosty Friday

I don't know what happened to the sun but the cold weather has me chilled. It's one of those nights where you expect a full moon. Just another reason to cozy up with a cup of tea.. I just got home from quilting at Fat Quarters.. Julie was so sweet, as always.. she made us the cutest St. Patrick's day treats.. Cheery chip cupcakes in green ribbon and an adorable pattern for a heart with a clover in the center.. all made out of wool.. I have to see if I can whip it up in time.. Back to the cupcakes.. I have never heard of cherry chip cake mix? where have I been? Since I didn't have dinner, one cupcake won't be my downfall, right?

Speaking of cupcakes.. On Monday as I was trekking the little Missy to both doctors.. I saw a little sign with "Cheesecake and cupcakes" in bold.. Of course I had to check it out.. How did I not see it before? In between appointments we stopped in..The place is simple and the desserts are center stage and rightly so.. I love the name! Truly Madly Sweetly I did not need to know about buttercream so light and delicious.. Honestly, buttercream is usually not something i want or even think of when it comes to frosting.. I can just pass on most frostings..but this was the frosting to bring back a love for frosting... Deanna and I were plotting how to get away for a cupcake or two.. We shall see..

I am still fighting this bug.. about to take my nightly dose of Tylenol Cold/Flu.. It's all in my head literally.. The sinus pressure is really painful.. hoping that some of it is just due to the weather change..Thankfully I am on the mend and Missy has been better for days but in moments of need, she will throw in a cough or two for sympathy..

Speaking of Missy..she earned her $5 allowance this week. We have been tracking her cleaning on her calendar.. She is doing great.. My little old lady who hangs bags all over the place is a chip off the old block.. She knows that there is a place for everything.. I just have to laugh when I see how adamant she is about where her animals are, where the toys should be and how they should be positioned... there's a girl who knows what she wants.. I can only pray that she will retain that inner strength...

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