Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Even though we got some mild showers today. I can see spring.. the hill sides are in bloom.. patches of color are poping up in gardens and lawns, the store aisles are filled with baskets and pastel colored decorations.. The Easter bunny is near...

The weekend was a whirlwind.. It started off at our quilting version of Cheers.. the quilt shop.. Fatquaters in Vista has been our place for admiring fabric, sharing family stories and making friends... If I didnt have the shop and my bimonthly classes, I know I would be laid out on a couch paying $100/hr for theraphy... Moving along.. we have a returning pal... Margie is back! I was so excited to see her. I wanted to know how she had been. I remember how she told me that once I had kids I would surely find my way to a bottle of wine..LOL! I have had some moments but so far my aversion to alchol has not changed... It had been about 5 years since I had seen Margie.... She is still her happy and sweet petite self.. she just got into the groove like she never left.. that is the best part about FQs.. its a haven for us moms... Julie has us working on an adorable and super "easy peasy" flower quilt.. I am sure she has to have it somewhere on Tattered Threads..

Saturday, we visited my family in the Eastlake area.. I am "Gaby" over there. I am me but with a different name.. We had a fabulous lunch at a place called Miguel's.. Queso fundido, chips and sopes.. yum! Maya had a blast playing with my aunt's dog Charlie and even more fun in the jumper at Leslie's birthday party.. She slept 12 hrs straight last night.. Lucky girl..

Today was a long and rewarding day.. Jake and I took to the field for a morning walk. It was cold out..I could smell the rain coming and the wind stung my face.. He raced around looking for rabbits to chase only to loose them in the tall grass... He has an ear infection which makes me cringe.. He is shaking his head so hard that the flapping of his ears is whipping his head and bleeding at the very tips.... its a bit scary.. The vet said its common in floppy eared labs.. who knew? Kathy Mac did that is who.. that wonderful dog lover and co-worker. she is a treasure trove of info for all things canine.. I am hoping it resolves sooner so I don't have to see his sad and sorrowful eyes..

After that is was off to help with soccer planning.. over 500 hundred players and 45 coaches short as of last week.. it was an adventure in patience and creativity.. we will be calling lots of parents.. we need all the help we can get..More on the trials and tribulations of a reluctant soccer coach later. I am coaching, I am on board..if not me then who? we must all do our part..

The Bell family came for a visit.. What a treat.. all of our "Interchangeables" were here. The hubbies camped in front of the tube.. the girls giggled, jumped, chased and made up their faces all before a group bath... Us mom's tried our hardest to stay sane.. We had a great BBQ dinner and excellent company..The girls had a picnic in the middle of the kitchen which helped with clean up.. Deanna and I managed to escape for a couple of hours on a retail therapy session... More than anything we needed the girl time.. we needed to browse with out a kid tugging on us or a husband asking when we could leave and why we need more dishes, towels or dust collectors?.... We needed to fill our heads with potential ideas for the house, projects to be completed and generally esthetically pleasing sights... A house isn't a home until it rises up to meet you and welcomes company in...

Happy Homemaking..

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  1. All four of us had a great time! You always make us feel so at home. On the way home Lily was already asking when we get to see Maya again.