Monday, March 9, 2009

Exhausted and it's only Monday!

I don't know what was in that time change but it has struck us down TIRED.. Maya slept like a newborn yesterday.. Martin and I look as exhausted as the luggage under our eyes.. the work day zoomed by today with all of its usual craziness..

I am looking forward to my bed... Tonight is usually a gym night but with all of us still coughing to some degree we opted out.. I ran a quick errand after dinner.. I needed my "Hope in a Jar" face cream.. That stuff is great.. or at least I think so.. Once I got home, I jumped straight into my PJ's.

Tonight is family night in front of the Tube.. We watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 (with the rest of America).. We love that show.. Maya loves that show and will stop in her tracks just to watch it and sing the catchy intro song.. After that lights out for Missy as she gets a special dispensation on her bed time on Monday's for the show..Only because she knows that if she gripes at all about waking up in the morning, that priviledge is gone. She has done great so far..

On a final note.. did you know that Barbie turned 50 today? yup.. Happy Birthday Barbie. I picked up my collector doll yesterday at my favorite Spot.. Target and yes, I only paid $3.. a steal!

Gotta run..

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  1. AHHH!!! Can I still get the barbie??? J&K plus 8 is our FAVORITE too!!! What is Hope in a jar??? I need that!