Sunday, March 1, 2009

February recap

Since March has only just begun and Feb is known for being really short.. I figured I could sneak in a recap.. It was a short and bittersweet month that February 09. I finally took the cake decorating class that I had been eyeing..Wednesday nights were not spent watching LOST, instead I was mingling over buttercream... I learnt some neat tricks and piped some neat creations.. Not enough to be the next Ace of Cakes but my repetoire is improving.. Along the way I also discovered how to make Carmel apples.. It will now be the go to Teacher gift :-) They were a huge hit all around and the colored chocolate was fun to drizzle.. Maya really liked being messy and not having to worry..

However, I am most proud of completing projects.. That among other things was a BIG resolution.. I want to finish projects this year. When Martin revamped my closet I was forced to see the fabric hiding in my closet.. I discovered some beautiful and yet to be finished quilts.. I was in shock and so sad.. It reached a peak when I had to purchase a store bought "quilt".. not a good thing. While the thing is lovely and the colors are refreshing.. it is not a QUILT. It was not pieced and looked over with care.. Anyhow..I am back to my quilting and on a mission... To date I have managed to finished the little Christmas dresden plate and the Valentine wall hanging that my dear sweet and "Stinkin Cute" quilting teacher Julie gifted us.. I also finished a "Home Sweet Home" plate from the local ceramic cafe.. Two years later, its done! I have made significant progress on organizing my pictures however, I have a way to go before I consider that a done project. Maya's 5 year scarpbook is still sitting blank..

My snapshots quilt which as of now is planned for one of my nieces is almost done.. It took forever to get it and its peer Spice Cake cut.. Today I am proud to say I am on row 5 of 5 and should be able to get the blocks done tonight..

Missy is in great spirits but looks like the fever doesn't want to break.. She is back up to 101.5 tonight and has started coughing a bit.. Will have to take her to the doctor tomorrow.. Thank goodness my work calendar looks open enough to make a doctor visit.. I have yet to use a sick day, I seem to be lucky enough to get sick on weekends or vacations! that's for a later date.. I must find out why this fever is persisting.. I was hoping it was viral since everyone, I mean everyone, has had something since Jan.. Just about every neighbor has been sick and some of them are still coughing... As I mentioned before I started the year with the Flu.. She is around kids at school, at dance and everywhere else.. the germs can not be avoided.. so something has got her..

Last but not least, it was another relaxing day.. we literally just stayed home.. the trek to Trader Joe's was the only outing.. the sun was out and we got to enjoy those smoothies out in the backyard with mom.. We are good on our vitamin D..


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