Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sweet Sunday

I channelled Nigella Lawson today.. I made her Quadruple Chocolate Loaf cake..(Note: link to recipe here) Its my first time attempting one of her recipes.. She more than most of the FN cooks really looks like she enjoys eating and her recipes don't look overly perfect...I saw her make this particular treat on her show eons ago and wanted to come through the screen for a taste. It stuck with me and when I picked up her cookbook at the library I instantly searched for the recipe in the index. When Andrea said she wanted anything with chocolate for her birthday it added to my list of why I must make cake, today.. so HAPPY Birthday Andrea! Chocolate it is..

Every blue moon or so my hubby decides he likes sweets.. well today the request was for oatmeal and peanut butter cookies.. so you can imagine how many hours I spent in the kitchen creaming sugar and butter, washing utensils and smelling sugar.. It was nice to have the time to bake and try new recipes.. My neighbors came over for coffee and sweets....I had one small bite of the cake and it was good.. The one great benefit for me about baking is that since I enjoy the aroma so much I don't need to devour the goodies..

I am feeling a little better but I am thinking it maybe a sinus infection.. the pressure in my head is still requiring 3 ibuprofens at a time.. Everywhere I turn someone is sick.. All I can say is disinfectant.. I spent the bulk of yesterday cleaning, washing and disinfecting every nook and cranny of the house. I not only washed all linesns, I sprayed Lysol everywhere. Bleach is our friend.. I hope the bug is out of our house for the rest of the season.. We have had our turn thank you..



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  1. Speaking of cookies...may I please, pretty please with sugar on top, have your delicious recipe? I've been thinking of them ever since I ate my last one Saturday morning for breakfast.