Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Soup's on!

I am sick... I am tired.. I forgot about dinner until about 3pm.. that is when I felt my worse... However, with no time to think of the TLC I needed my conscious said.. "Remember dinner".. darn it. I forgot to take anything out.. I didnt think about dinner last night since I couldnt get to bed fast enough..my body must have known I would wake up sick..all it wanted was sleep.. anyhow.. I grabbed a bag of frozen leg quarters from the freezer and popped them in the sink in a cold water bath...Next thing I know its 5pm and I havent even decided what I will do with that chicken.. in honor of the germs at the Ranch.. I figured Soup...
For a last minute conncoction it came out great.. the only soup type veggie I had in stock was zucchini.. Chop it up and in it goes.. Missy requested noodles (more on our carb addiction later).. By 6:30 I managed to serve up my on the fly chicken noodle soup. It was garnished with avocado chunks and cilantro ala tortilla soup style.. (Did you know that Ina Garten AKA the Barefoot Contessa has an "aversion" to cilantro? well I declare)... It was so good Martin served himself two bowls and Maya had 3! she even managed to eat and entire triangle of zucchini.. That alone is a HUGE accomplishment. My girl can spot a veggie a mile away.. But a grouchy sickly mom said you will eat that piece of zucchini as you are 5 now and you need your veggies.. Don't ask where that briliant logic came from but she twisted her eyebrows and looked at me in surrender..

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