Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dragging but breathing..

Yesterday was the worst.. I was sick to the point where I had no choice but to be sick.. fighting it was no use.. the fever, chills and shivers all took me down.. I spent all morning in bed.. by the time Martin called to check in it was almost 2! I couldnt believe it.. Only when I am really sick, FLU, do I sleep. Most random things like colds, migraines and other ailments just bring pain.. this was beyond.. that is now 2 FLU's this year.. 09 is not being very kind...

On a happier note.. today I woke up at 6ish and forced myself to be online and functional for my 7am con call.. the day flew by.. I felt miserable all day but half a box of tea, several tissue boxes, few doses of Tylenol cold/flu and some missing lungs later, I am on the mend..The pain in my chest when I cough feels like bronchitis, but I dare not call a doctor.. I will get past this..

I just spent the past hour sewing.. Tada! its done.. the snapshots quilt top is all put together.. Maya said "Emily will love it" I sure hope so.. I still need to decide on the backing but hoping there is some in the sale corner at the shop..

I also just came across today's bake shop project... Selvage pillow.. are you kidding me?! I always throw those out, no more.. I see pillows in my future.. Check it out here..

Tata for now..
A tired bee


  1. I sure do hope you get to feeling better! We've had a heck of a time with it here. Take care.

  2. You sounded much better tonight...keep up with the chicken soup!
    I took a peek at the selvage pillow. Now I'm going to have to dig through my scrap box to see if I kept any selvage pieces. Probably not :(