Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday.. I can see the weekend from here..

We have a 4 day weekend planned. Its our annual trek to Bakersfield. We love getting on the road with our little backseat entertainer.. She has been a good car baby from the get go.. A good thing since most car trips to family are at least one hour.. She loves to sing and look at the sights.. It reminds me off our car trips as kids to camp in the local mountains or the trek cross country to Milwaukee..Those were the days when we played slug bug and listened to mixed tapes.. (if you have to ask what a tape is you belong on some other more hip blog). I want her to see the whole US of A via a car...someday..

Its a nice drive since I am a passenger.. I have 5 magazines, 2 books and snacks ready. what more do I need? . Maya will have her crayons and Cd's blaring while she sings into her imaginary mic.. Martin will be in the Zone while he drives only stopping when absolutely neccessary.. or for more sunflower seeds..

The weekend was "beyond fabulous." Deanna and I spent some time browsing.. I mean perusing.. You know the kind of shopping you did before kids?.. yes.. we meandered in Home Goods. We tried on Jewlery at the Farmer's Wife in Old Town and we had lunch at a normal lady like pace.. We didnt rush through the meal or have to cut food for anyone. We lunched.. what a concept?.. The additional treat was that I got the rest of the day to myself. Its been so busy lately it was great to have time for my own thoughts, I ran some errands and didnt worry about the to do list.. well not for too lon..... The Missy and Martin spent the day in OC playing loteria and feeding squirrels at the in laws.. I love the pictures Martin sent me.. She loves visiting grandma Estella who lets her help with the Gorditas.. I am sure her aunt Kenya took her to Old McDonalds for lunch. Grandpa apparently has domesticated or at least made friends with a squirrel because I heard stories from Maya about the squirrel nipping at her.

I must go organize something, there is packing to do.. and the Missy is sleeping or trying to..
Tata for now,


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