Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some time to sew and plot about sewing..

It's Sat.. Still chilly but the sun is out.. Crossing our fingers that the weather is mild while the girls play...I will post soccer info later.. Game is at 12:30 which is way late.. Missy will no doubt be asleep by the time we get home from the game a whole 5 blocks away!
I was an early bird this morning. My inner clock was ringing and fabric was swirling in my head. I snuck out of bed before 6am. On a Saturday no less.. I don't know about you but when I finally get to sit down to quilt/sew I have to orient myself. My machine is still perched on the table from last week, not even plugged in.. I have projects all over the table and I just didnt know exactly what I wanted to do first.. My supplies are a bit scattered..I could work on Denise's Christmas gift.. I finished Emily's so fast my head spun.. Must get all 3 kids quilts done by Christmas. One and a half down.. One and a half to go. .The biggest isse is finding a boy friendly line for Jacob's quilt.
I could also work on any of the unfinished projects in the closet, but I dont think I am ready to tackle those.. They are all in fall folk colors and require some serious applique work.. must save those for night time..
I read some patterns, I looked through my sewing how to book.. I highly recommend it for newbies to sewing.. Its by Diana Rupp and its called Sew Everything Workshop.
My mind kept nagging me.. Get started on those Aprons.. I finally had it.. I need to work on the easy peese apron pattern that I found months ago.. I found the pattern here: Jona's Apron in an hour tutorial Well I can't start just yet, the fabric isn't washed. One of the major differenced between quitling and sewing is the whole prewash thing.. So as I continued to clean off my workspace I decided I would work on my Flower Quilt.. Its cut and laid out ready to be stitched down.. Let the pinning beginning.. Next thing I know the Missy is awake.. 20 mins later.. Mom, I am hungry... ok.. little break..
I tossed 2 prints of fabulous Farmer's Market fabric in the dryer so I can work on my Apron project later. Teal blue and bright purple.. What can I say? cheerful it is.. This one is my test run.. Its not lined and has no embellishments. I am hoping I can model future aprons after this one but add a pocket or two..
Next thing I know hubby comes in to say that he found a hummingbird nest and that I should get the camera.. off I go..
TaTa for now..

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