Friday, April 24, 2009

A fresh and free Friday

We had to take 5 days off this month.. While initally it was not in the plan and we didn't love the idea of "forced time off" we have warmed up to it.. It broke the tension of waiting for the other shoe to fall.. It gave us an excuse to take longer weekends and play more than normal...
While the other days were filled with "To Dos" today has been all about home and family.. I read a magazine with my morning coffee.. I cuddled with Missy while she watched some morning cartoons..I took Jake for a long walk in the field.. All without worrying about the time... We had lunch out in town at a nearly empty restaurant..
At ome it was about divide and conquer. Martin headed out to the garage to clean up the cars and plan out the yard work.. Inside I threw in some laundry, cleaned bathrooms and set up a craft zone for Missyy in between organizing rooms and drawers...The yard is getting new blooms planted. We found some lovely Rose trees to add color to the front yard..The house is almost ready for company..
Tomorrow is all about SOCCER! Maya is so determined to score.. Wish us luck.. Grandpa and Grandma G are coming for a visit. A rare one at that.. Ceviche and BBQ is the plan.. yum...Uncle Arthur is coming to see Maya play too.. She will have a whole cheering section on hand..
Family Movie night is on the agenda for tonight.. I am off to look for a good family flick for us..
We three G's are a blessed lot.. We are thankful and relaxed on this Friday..
Buzz.. Alex

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