Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chasing the days.

I don't know how it happened but rather than me greeting the days..I am chasing them.. I am trying to figure out how many hours are contained in one day.. There is so much to do and I can't do it all... I was up until almost 1am this morning working on a tiny doll quilt for Miss Maggie's bday gift.. Nothing like waiting for the last min, right? I had every intention of making it last week.. intentions.. they are nice but reality happens..
A sick kid happened, soccer board meetings, soccer organization not to mention practice on a cold evening.. Oh yeah, don't forget the work day hrs that are consumed by my paid work... My presentation is almost done.. But back to my real life...
Today is a glorious day! Amen..
Missy is napping after a fabulous soccer game.. She was determined to score today.. And score she did! She even closed the game with a goal. Yes, proud mom and dad were cheering and smiling from ear to ear.. Oh and Dad has the video to prove it :-)
I have to share a proud mama moment.. The doll quilt that I made for Maggie was completed this morning.. It is cute and soft. I backed it in a pink chenille that's been waiting to be used. Maya has eyed it since I started choosing the pink and purple fabric.. This morning I showed her the finished quilt.. If you knew my dear Missy, you would know that any type of blanket is wanted.. She will use wash cloths to cover her stuffed animals.. she will find scraps of fabric to drape over any animal who needs warmth.. well let me shock you.. I gave her the option of keeping the doll quilt and she promptly told me that it was for Maggie and that if we didn't give it to her she wouldnt have a present for her birthday.. Can you believe it? I was pleasantly and sweetly surprised by her generosity.. She got a big hug and a promise that mom would make her one.. Kids I tell you.. one minute they are wearing you out with questions or driving you crazy asking for something while you are on the phone but then they turn around and make your heart swell with love...
Be Blessed..

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