Sunday, April 19, 2009

A lesson in patience...

Ever since I saw SmittenKitchen's post on cinnamon rolls I knew I had to make them and soon.. Maya loves cinnamon rolls.. It's proof that she is my child bread and sugar! yipee! I realized today was the only day I would have some time. Oh sure I have 6 more loads of laundry to do, the floor needed to be mopped today and oh yeah, I have to get to Micheals for craft supplies for the soccer banner but between cleaning and crafting I must make those cinnamon rolls!
I woke up this morning with a plan.. Maya must have sensed my plan because she promptly followed me down stairs and asked to help..I gave her the warning that these would not be the fast type. These don't come in a can and bake in less than 10. I reminded her of our pretzel experience.. half a day for pretzels but they were worth it...
My first attempt was foiled, I had the wrong type of yeast luckily it only cost me a cup of milk and flour. I was out the door to the market for the RAPID RISE yeast and back in less than 15.. I double checked the instructions for at least the 50th time.. I have everything I need.. I was excited to use my dough hook again.. I was fascinated at how beautiful and easy SmittenKitchen made them look. I was lied to I tell you.. the fine print is always the killer..
In less than 10 mins we had dough.. beautiful dough.. Now it had to sit..for at least 2 hours.. ok..back to cleaning and house work for me..I set the timer and as soon as it started buzzing Maya was yelling through the house.."Mom the cinnamon rolls are ready".. mind you we haven't even made the filling at this point.. Ok.. Let's go to the next step.. Maya who has her own red rolling pin was standing on her ladder and ready..I must remind myself never to mop before baking.. Maya loves spraying flour all over herself and the 5 ft radius of where she is standing.
We gently cradled the dough onto the floured island.. we rolled and rolled.. we pushed that dough until it looked like a thin pizza like dough.. Maya says to me.. "Mom, its hard to be a cooker"
Yes, Missy, its hard to cook from scratch.. My hats off the the generations of women who knew no other way..
Finally we spread the real butter, we sprinkled the brown sugar and cinnamon mixture and I began to roll.. The finish line was close.. I cut the small rolls for Maya.. I cut the main rolls and placed them.. I'd better turn on the oven.. I need to see how high..What? wait... Smitten Kitchen says they need to rise again.. Are you kidding me? ope, no skimping she says.. Damn her! My daughter wants cinnamon rolls. I havent allowed myself any food in preparation for cinnamon rolls. Ok, let's cover them..
To be continued...
Hungry girl..Alex

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