Sunday, April 26, 2009

We all win, right?

Thank goodness the kids don't keep score.. It was a blow out.. The other team had 4 players to our 6.. We cut the quarters down to 5 mins.. It was a sight. Their strongest player outscored our entire team in what seamed like an effortless blink of an eye.. She had been on our team last year but no where near that skilled.. What a difference a year has made for all our girls..

She scored 17 to our team 5.. Its all about having fun and getting the girls out there.. The dads were broken.. Martin stopped recording and focused on cheering..

Thankfully my Missy scored 3. She was determined to score.. She did and we can all wait until next week to see what the rest of the competition looks like.. I laughed since the girls couldn't really care abut winning or loosing..They were happy about the cheer and the tunnel afterwards.. Score? whats that? We want snack..

Go Stars!


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