Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

This weekend we have lived in our house.. we have tended to the garden..we have sneezed at the flowers in bloom...We cleaned, baked and slept at home.. No visiting relatives an hour away.. No driving for entertainment.. we enjoyed our home.. We took this 3 day weekend as an opportunity to BE HOME..

Martin planted a lovely lavender rose tree in the front yard and gave the entire yard a spring cleaning.... Maya painted a small flower pot and then filled it with a pansy purchased from the local Farmer's Market..She was my partner this whole weekend.. She ran errands with me, she helped me pick flowers and she also climbed on her ladder to help with pancakes..

Missy even carried a beautiful butterfly around the house for about an hour.. she was amazed that daddy could catch one..

After years, no a lifetime, of adoring strawberries and anything that reminds me of strawberries, I finally brought some strawberry plants home.. I found a lovely hanging basket of strawberries at the farmers market and I knew that this weekend I would finally add my favorite berry to my yard..Currently that lovely plant is perched in the wagon on the flowerbed in the backyard. I even trimmed my mint, which is still alive, and moved her to the front porch.. crossing my fingers she likes it out there..
The sunflowers on the kitchen island and in the bathroom are as cheerful as they are yellow. As I have said many times before, if I won the lotto or was somehow in a position not to worry about money, I would always have fresh flowers in my home. That was my gift to myself this weekend.. If having flowers in the yard and in the house was not enough.. I also had flowers on my craft table.. The Flower quilt in Aunt Grace prints is coming along nicely.. I even decided the scraps will be yo-yos.. can't wait!

One of the neatest things about this weekend was the peek at baby hummingbirds.. Martin discovered a nest.. look at these tinies! Amazing..

It's good to be home..



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