Sunday, September 13, 2009

An easy peasy party plan..

This year Missy has decided that she wants to have her party at the local jumper place.. I should be happy.. I am, no work for me.. yipee.. I am estatic. Sort of.. I mean nothing for me to do except show up, hand over a credit card and watch from a bench with the rest of the parents....I will not attempt to take pictures of the jumping.. we will save the camera for cake time..A store made cake, not a mom made cake.. However, crazy moi was slightly excited about a thematic party.. I mean afterall its been a tradition. Every year we have had some theme.. something tying it all together... last year's princesss tea was work and I was crazy with the whole thing..However, the event itself was so sweet and the pictures are priceless! It was small and meaningful with her little friends as adorable princesses. Pink tea was served in real tea sets. gloves were worn, ball gowns and imaginations were in full gear..There are some great images still in my head of Maya in curls and gloves looking at herself in the mirror .. what bliss.. the smile on her face as she saw her castle shaped (and awfully decorated cake) was worth every min of sleep I lost trying to keep in the theme..The year before that it was all things Little Mermaid. it was not one but 2 cakes.. It was Arthur and Christine piping a thousand little stars to make Ariel's face and me using ground graham crackers to mimic sand on the large cake.. They were home events. They were a busy bees favorite thing to do even if it required more time than possible, a creative mind (internet ideas were a great tool) and a reasonable budget after all this bee is frugal. For me half the fun is figuring out how to do it all without breaking the bank, its just a kid party in the end..
Anyhow, as the party talk started this Sept. I thought forsure Maya would ask for something from left field like a Star Wars themed party or a pony.. instead she stuck to her original request.. a jumper party at Pump It Up.. we went to atleast 100 in the past 5 years and all she cold say was "Mom, it was soo cool".. ok.. I will remember its her party and thank her for saving me all the work..
Just so you know, I even had a theme in mind.. Candyland or Candy Shop.. I have not only recently been obsessed with old fashion candy store set ups.. Think glass apothacary jars filled with colorful candies of all types. I see clear wrapped and bubble gum machines...You with me?. So as I venture on my usual haunts, Julie (also has great party ideas) posts about a great hosting site.. then I find these cute mini bubble gum machines.. Wouldn't those be cute favors? Missy loves gum! Now tonight another blog with a fun name with a candy shop party and all of the associated regalia! Go see it and tell me you dont want to go to that party.. Its too much.. HMPF! I mean look at the table settings here. easy! and practical.. I can put some lollipops in a vase and call it a centerpiece, it decorates itself!
Ok, I will leave it alone for now.. afterall its her party and I dont want her crying.. .Maybe next year she will ask for something so over the top I will want to eat my words.. When it comes to Missy anything is possible.. I mean afterall she has already scared me with the biggest party request of all.. a QUINCENERA. For those of you who don't know what that is consider yourself lucky but I am sure you have your own version, be it a Sweet Sixteen, a coming of age, a debut, a cotillion or even a beautillion.. that is a production.. that will be my nightmare.. let's hope she forgets.. right.. my child forgets nothing.. she can still tell me how I pinched her chin with her new jacket or how uncle Carl pushed her off a swing (she let go!) and the list goes on..she won't forget..
Saving my energy for now..

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