Friday, August 28, 2009


I am so excited. I took a half day off of work to regroup. To spend time with my mom in Maya's class and to get ready.. Ready? for what you ask.. I mean we all know that once marriage, kids and the 9 to 5 kicks in Friday nights are rarely glamorous (can you hear G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, playing in the background.. Right!)
I am getting ready to host some great friends.. It's CRAFT night! I am hosting a monthly craft night so we can all work on one of the gazillon projects we are working on.. We all have unfinished projects, quilts and scrapbooks.. Its going to be a small group eventhough I am sure I invited half my address book..Sharon is treking up from P.B.. Deanna from Fallbrook. Melissa and Sarah are new friends and both local.. It was an open invite to anyone who had stuff to do. I am providing the table space to spread out without distractions.. Martin has agreed to host dad and Maya movie night upstairs while us girls chit chat and craft well into the wee hours..
Its not even dinner time but I finally got a min to sit down. I want to read some more of my book before I dig into project land. I haven't decided what to work on tonight. I have a few quilts that need backs.. I finished a Shutterfly photo book of 9 months of 2008 so I am almost caught up.. Not to mention I have a few ideas for Christmas that can be started anytime.. I am sure I will sew.. I have been looking forward to sewing..
Speaking of sewing.. Julie at Tattered Threads was featured on Paula Prass' blog for making that stinkin cute quilt for Sissy..Check it out here.. I was so excited for Julie.. I mean afterall we have know how awesome she is but she was our little jewel. I am glad the world is discovering her. The blogosphere is a smaller world.. a fun and friendly world.
On that note, I am off. I need to quilt a few hundred quilts before Christmas..
Stich, Stich,

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  1. Your way too nice! Thanks!!! Have fun tonight and get something done! I'll see you in a week.