Sunday, August 2, 2009

Soulcaring Sunday

After a week away from home I returned recharged and yet a bit out of sorts.. I started cleaning immediately even though all I wanted to do was get to my fabric and start cutting for class... 3 hours later all three bathrooms were clean and laundry was in progress.. The kitchen or the heart of my home was also another area that had to be cleaned before I left for quilt class.. I simply can not come home to a messy/dirty kitchen.. I mopped the floor, ran the dishwasher and decluttered the fridge.. It smelled clean!
Once my house was back to normal and clean I could focus on my fun night.. I grabed some civil war farics that have been waiting for just this project to come a long.. we are working on hand piecing of hexagons..super cute and oh so time consuming.. I have no aspirations of completing that quilt for ages. but its okay.. I love that it requires hand stiching and I can carry it with me or sew in bed..
Yesterday was a complete blurr and the day hit me like bricks. I had no energy what so ever. I was able to finish more laundry and run to the grocery store but beyond that I was pretty useless. I wanted to lie down and rest but I kept puttering around trying to organize. I got the library books ready.. I cooked a complete meal with veggies. I ignored the mess in Maya's loft.. I decluttered all the paper clutter at my desk and mental made a list of how many more organization projects I have on my plate...By the end of the day I was exhausted and unfortunately I did not rest well, the neighbor dog barked for hours.. Poor Martin who absolutely requires his beauty rest was not a happy camper...
Today however is Sunday.. Today I have a few to do's that need to get done to start the week on the right foot. Today I will plan my menu for the week, get the needed fresh veggies and run a few errands in town with my little partner in crime.. However, by the late afternoon I should get a chance to decompress.. to focus on relaxing.. work on some of those care for my soul and ready it for the week..
"Soulcaring" is a term I found in my Simple Abundance book.. That book is always within reach of my bed.. I don't go a week without picking it up for some inspiration and reminders that life should and can be easy.. You can be thankful for every breath you take and every opportunity to enjoy life and those in your life..
Wishing you a Sunday of blessings,

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