Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer craziness...

The past two weeks have been a roller coaster.. Literally and figuaratively.. We usually have a good home routine and it helps us stay sane. Well most days it does.. However, in our case the past 2 weeks have been all about end of summer fun, start of school preparations, soccer and then some..
Maya starts Kindergarten tomorrow! Are we ready? Of course not. Where did the 5 years go? How is it that my baby is ready to sit in those little chairs and learn for a living? we have the school supplies, we met the teacher and we even picked out the cute little school clothes. Here we go!
As we got ready for the new "big kid" school.. Preschool Summer Kids Kamp was ending. Maya has been at ABC since she was 3.. That has been a place of sand and singing for her. The Kamp was capped off with a trip to Knotts Berry Farm. I was so excited about having a day off to go play. Well after riding the Sidewinder roller coaster I was praying to go home. I spent the rest of the day drinking water and eating Maya's goldfish pretzels to settle my stomach. I knew a spinning roller coaster couldn't be good. Maya giggled through the whole thing and wanted more..Next time we send Dad along.. Friday we had to say "Thank you" to all her teachers. We took picture cards and brownies down for the whole staff. Some of them will always been in our life. They have become friends.
In the middle of all this the soccer board work had begun. In the evenings, I am working on recruiting new coaches and finalizing teams. In orther words, begging parents to be coaches where we are short and hoping I don't loose track of a kid somewhere because they expect to play..
Thankfully yesterday we were treated with a visit to the Bell home. This was the first time in weeks we had gotten to see eachother. Our families have been on differnt schedules. It was time to relax and play. The girls played in the water slide for HOURS.. They were wrinkled and freezing by the time they stopped splashing around in it. We ate and caught up. We browsed furniture online. The guys talked about "stuff".. At the end of our fun a fire was lit in the pit.. We peacefully watched the fire as the marshmallows melted for smores. Peacefully, until the girls started their singing ala Alvin and the chipmunks. They held their noses (they didnt like the smell of the fire) as they belted out some kid tunes..
It's been a summer of silly songs, new beginings and friends..

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