Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our weeklong retreat..

In a little KOA kabin.. the girls on the porch swing.. this was one of the neat perks of the trip..

I refuse to call it "camping".. we had a little wooden cabin and too many amenities to list.. We head to Bakersfield last Saturday to pick up the Garibay girls, Denise and Emily. The would be Maya's playmates for the week.. I would have borrowed kids for a whole week and my hubby would have to survive a week with 4 girls! Yikes...

We headed to the Montery Bay Aquarium and the Santa Cruz boardwalk.. we ate, ate and ate some more..

Maya never wants to be in a picture unless she see's that other's do.. then she is all set to pose..

The kids area of the aquarium had a colorful clamshell.. Martin refused to climb in but the girls were game..

The girls pose as sardines.. then ask, "what are Sardines?"

Maya is not one to shy away from roller coasters or anything that moves fast.. The buccanear pirate ship was the first ride..before the trip was over Denise would discover she could handle roller coasters. Emily was brave and took on both the Hurricane and the Great Dipper! I however decided that standing in line and following the kids through the park was all I could do..

That's all for now.. I will have to post more about the "adventures" we had in the cool Santa Cruz weather and the stories the girls will tell about the trip..
A tired mom,

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