Monday, August 17, 2009

It's official...

She's a kindergartner.. She's in school.. Today's was Miss Maya's First day at Lavorgna Elementary. She wasn't feeling great due to a rough night of coughing.. We thought it was the milk she drank and that the claritin hadn't kicked in soon enough but it was a little something else..Just a little end of summer bug.. That bug was not stopping her..She was determined to go to school. She was ready for the new experience. She wanted to carry her backpack and meet her new classmates..

She looked as shiny and clean as a new penny.. The little jumper dress with apples and the matching knee socks were so cute. It was what I thought all parents would have found at the mall. I worried that every other girl would be in that outfit and that it would ruin the moment. I was wrong.. The class was full of parents and kids all in a frenzy.. All individuals and no one in the outfit.. Yipee..

The routines were established, carpet time, flag salute, hang up back packs, find a square on the mat.. reading..homework packets, etc.. Parents fill out forms and watch or sniffle from the sidelines.. Not one tear was shed by me.. Yes, I made it without flinching.. I was all pride today..
My little girl was ready for school and school was ready for her..
Mrs. Iverson read the Kissing Hand and since I had already read that book (part of the teacher cirriculum at Cal Sate) I wasn't bawling by the time mama raccoon kissed Chester raccoon goodbye for the night at school.. However, as I listened to the story and watched the intent faces..the eyes and ears all perked up for a story I was amazed at how simple it all was at 5. As Mrs. Iverson mentioned that raccoons went to school at night the kids looked surprised. She asked if kids went to school at night? the blank faces stared back.. At the back of the sea of little heads, a hand shot up.. Maya waved her anxious hand and stated clearly.. "Its because raccon's are nocturnal".. the parents smirked and the teacher winked at her.. "I love that you know that, great job".. Meanwhile Mama me just smiled with pride..My little one said that.. what a treat for me.. Aren't I a lucky mama?
One day down.. A life time to go..
Schools in!
A proud mama..

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