Thursday, October 1, 2009

A sweet escape....

Tomorrow will be a sweet escape..a day off.. Just the two of us, sans the missy.. While she learns we will be off for some catching up.. We always take our days off.. The important ones.. Our Birthdays and our anniversary.. This one is a milestone.. TEN years! I won't even count the 4 before that wich were dating and engagement...That was a blink..
We are a little beside ourselves.. 10 years? really.. wow.. I offered to get a big 10 tattooed on my leg but figured something less ghetto and more classy is more our style.. afterall only this year is 10 and I plan on celebrating a lot more..not to mention that tattoing involves pain.. Pain and I have never been friends..And unless Kat Von D has an opening in her appt book I am not going anywhere near a needle..
There's no easy explaination for it.. Our marriage has somehow made it.. we beat so many of the odds.. I mean just think, we got married in our early 20s.. The research is not in our favor.. we both come from divorced parent.. strike 2..... I wanted and thought I would wait until 30 to get married... I selfishly figured I had so many things to do, books to read and degrees to earn.. Funny how life works.. How much God has in store for us..
I always tell everyone how Martin tricked me.. He asked why he should wait so long to marry me..the real comment was "If you are going to marry me when you are 30 why not marry me now?" Well I just couldn't argue with that one.
My husband has been my number one fan and if I wanted to earn another degree he would be the first one saying "Go for it!" We are a team.. I am so blessed.. I truly feel that way and thank my lucky stars for blessing me with MAG.
I have been blessed to find a man like my dear Hubby.. This love is a gift.. Don't get me wrong.. that gift is work, it needs protection and nurturing.. But it is more than I thought I deserved..
I had no idea what a real marriage is, who does? We read fairy tales (Disney is a billion dollar industry with all those "Happily ever after" stories!) and then there is the real day in and day out of a real marriage.. People marry and divorce, some don't bother to marry and then they break up..You watch, you don't want to look to close, you may see your relationship in the pieces of those..You wonder how to navigate through your own marriage without knowing if you are doing things right.. just like parenting, there is no manual.... there is no one way..
It's highs are high and lows resemble the grand canyon.. Yes, its a winding road through which I have often felt like an old VW bug driving backwards looking out a tiny window for the light.. That light has often been the love and committment to this relationship. It's been honoring my husbands words and actions by saying "Thank you" to God for a strong husband...its been cooking his favorite dish out of the blue because he deserves nothing less than my love in his food..
On that note, food, of course! I will move on.. the count down to my birthday and some fattening cake, has begun.. My Spa day is almost here.. Missy's bday is around the corner..But tomorrow is about us.. our sweet escape...
Happy 10th Anniversary..
To borrow a line from Miss Janet.. "Love will never do with out you!"

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