Sunday, October 11, 2009

So blessed!

Where do I start? My birthday weekend has been amazing.. Not only was I spoiled with a Spa Day (a now yearly tradition) but I spent time with my family, suffered food/carb overload, too deep of a massage, and that was just Friday!
Really I can't even believe how much happened over these three days. I want to Thank God for blessing me with an amazing family and life.. I have to pinch myself.. I feel so fortunate to have some amazing friends and a family who can make a spa day even more fun!
Friday morning, I was lucky enough to wear my new vintage apron from Katherine.. She mailed it and it arrived just in time for it to be my first gift...
Before I could jump out of bed Missy was in my bed with me wishing me a happy birthday.. How sweet that morning cuddle was.. I am a lucky mom...
My buddy and I headed downstairs to start the scones..I figured my Spa girls would want a treat with their morning coffee.. It was an all girl outing to Glen Ivy.. Mom, Monica, Mona, Miriam, Laura and Jordy came along for the experience..

The massage treatment I had would later prove beyond painful but more on that later.. We all enjoyed the mud, the sauna, the food!
The lunch we had at the spa was nothing compared to the feast my mom had in store for me.. She made Mole (Moh-Leh for non spanish speakers) and Chilles Rellenos for my birthday dinner.. What more could a girl want? Dinner ended up being an impromtu event.. My cousins came to my house, my uncle Pancho and family drive down from Perris.. Andre and Diana even stopped by with some coffee for me..Arthur and Christine were the last ones to join us.. it was a great night.. We ate.. There were lots of funny pictures and oh yeah, CAKE! my mom brought a cake. I honestly thought I was going to have to bake myself a cake.. Well this cake was wonderful and worth every calorie! It was a lovely light sponge with strawberries in a light whipped sweet cream.. YUM! Almost a chinatown cake but better in a French way.. Smooth!

Saturday while Martin was out pretending to be a sniper on the paintball field.. I was writhing in pain.. I couldnt move my arm and an emergency visit to the chiro was in order. Thank goodness grandma, uncle Arthur and Christine were there to save the day and take Maya to soccer.. Her team remains undefeated! It was the only game mom has ever missed.. So I was sad to miss that but the pain in my arm would have surely kept me in bed all day had I not made it to the chiro.. Go Fireflies! Look at our girl turning that ball! Love it!

While Saturday seemed to go in slow was pleasant to be forced to rest. It was good to have my mom and brother in the same house.. It was like the old days.. We enjoyed the company and maximed the beautiful weather by spending the afternoon chatting with the neighbors and again..eating! Reheated mole is richer and the tomato sauce for the chiles is further developed.. Yum!

No big events. Just several small moments of conversation and coffee with my family made me feel so wonderful.. So blessed to be safe, healthy and loved..

What more could a girl ask for? Nothing.. I have more than I could need or want.. I am so blessed! Thank you mom for the spa day and the food! Thank you Martin for being the type of husband who encourages me to enjoy the spa and will work out with me at the gym all week to recover! Thank you Arthur and Christine for loving to eat with us and making the house feel complete.. To my cousins I thank you so much for spending my day with me.. Thank you for the memories!

P.S. more pictures and story snipets to follow..

Big hugs!

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